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We're talking about how great they are i i'm not sure i i got gotta some us going back as your wellknown hello lamont el stralia norway's starting brought it here i could see i concede george lucas lake straddling steven spielberg slamming into the ground is already like he's already dead and going to look at me now dad look at me now this this is the most acclaimed director of all time people should on george lucas and always have he's got that inside of him has been living there so rage but you said in the seventy no no no no i i said no that's peak physical form like you know look right lucas only has it wanted to your engine i don't think either of them were ever hit peak physical and let it needs to be exerted inhabit movement and you you are know not now honestly i i really i could see george other ryaing end like saying 'look at me now dead look you know for real was hilbert was like met gerry sharing to a budget like pretty actresses season like he's at a you know he's he's not he's not the coolest guy everbody's he's had a fun life lucas it just seems like he's had a very isolated laying and just wanna tome with worries lay all my my personal still yes i told you want a 100 on talk about madonna billion trade tell you want to hear about trade ruin schilling arrived personally yes uh you maine's aga offerings are a boffins died during this podcast you brought up existing to me man and and it's something we've never seen before and and it's a complete hypothetical because half its doesn't exist but i'm gonna go gizmodo okay i was thinking some gremlins verse is a hypothetical gremlin gizmodo that we've yet to see in the films or anywhere we've never seen what gives mobutu look like as a gremlin we have only seen him in magui form but that magui is able to defeat all of the 'gremlins but not in handtohand combat assured is gizmo maga why smart enough to allergy smarter is clever but i know he's gremlin gives the smartest gremlin and there is smarter than smart kremlin who's that yellow i am an undersea so nice they named in writing though he's one of to hide your might have to get away from them.

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