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Hey everybody thanks for tuning into another episode of the internationally acclaimed obgyn hse. Podcast heard in over one hundred countries. However this is not just another episode. This is actually the fifty second recording since we began our relationship with our current sponsor anderson house. There's been well over. One hundred fifty g g and podcasts for hse but depending upon our production release schedule we will be at about the one year anniversary with interest in hauser when this podcast is released so this is a very special podcast for us and as i said. We're working on a production schedule. But we hoped as fifty second edition of the og and hse podcasts sponsored. By anderson hauser. Comes out around the time of the offshore technology conference or otc here in houston. One of the reasons for this is because oh og. John has a special relationship with a company here in houston called the canon. And you can just google the canon or the canon dot com for those of you in houston but in this case for those of you coming from out of town or even out of the united states if you need office or desk space you can mention. Og g and at the front desk of the canon for free desk pass and the cannon is also where we host the houston og jian happy hour. The last thursday of every month the other reason is that the canon is building the only global virtual and physical network of entrepreneurs startups investors advisors along with established companies to connect all these innovators of all these different types from all backgrounds with the resources that they need to succeed as a matter of fact rhodesians strategic partnership with the canon and our.

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