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The door today. And then tomorrow is when we see an increase on the ferry fall fees. It's about a two percent increase wave to go passes, by the way, we'll be honored at current rate. If you purchased before tomorrow's new fee adjustment. Komo news time eight ten let's get to almost sports desk. Joel stern the busy guy right now. Taking charge of what's going on with the huskies and the Cougars and the. The hawks good morning. Joel huskies with good balance on both sides of the ball in their thirty five seven home win against BYU Jake Browning twenty three or twenty five or two hundred seventy seven yards from the touchdown. He becomes Washington's all time leading passer Bosque's defense holes BYU to thirty four rushing yards and seven first meanwhile in Pullman, the Cougars scratch out of twenty eight twenty four win over Utah Gardner meant you had see-saw Winston junior with an eighty nine yard TD with four fourteen venture with forty three in the air the Seahawks with three hundred Mark will they face the three cardinals in at Safeco. The Mariners with three in the seventh. Go on to beat the Rangers for one p Gordon's RBI triple a one one tie. They close out the season this afternoon MLS. The sound is route Colorado four nil two goals for all rule. The as sports at ten and forty minutes past the hour. I'm sure your home of the huskies, KOMO news update. Here we see the Cougars will be headed to Kavala next week for a game there and for the huskies. Been announced. Huskies at UCLA gametime Saturday next week four thirty it will start with a kickoff show on your host card Swanson at eleven thirty AM right here on your home of the huskies. Komo news. Traffic and weather next. It doesn't matter repairing rebuilding.

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