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Brokerage services LLC and the Doris Duke charitable foundation whose building bridges program works with U. S. Muslims to increase mutual understanding and well being among diverse populations for the benefit of building stronger more inclusive communities from NPR and WBEZ Chicago this is wait wait don't tell ME the NPR news quiz I'm bill Curtis we are playing this week with Paula Poundstone Tom bye bye and again far side and here again is your host a man who insists a little Fabry use is better than a shower Peter Sagal thank you bill in just a minute bill isn't Ilan musk but he loves Gerber rhymes it's the listener Limerick challenge if you like to play give us a call at one triple eight wait wait that's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four right now panel some more questions for you from this week's news I don't want to tell you one thing please Paul no they're they're hiring people now to make sure that everyone stays socially distanced did you know that I was not aware of that where they're hiring those people in New York they're hiring people to say you're do you need this today apart and so I've just been practicing ratting people out and and I just want to I want to tell the listeners that as we're making wait wait don't tell me right now we are on zoom so we all our heads are all in squares and we can see each other and Peter was just touching his face okay go ahead really that I was well you know what I don't get to go to theaters until my little jokes anymore so yes I am that's exactly what that was in addition to for my new job all right panel some more questions for you from this week's news all the people are so desperate for entertainment during the quarantine that many of them are turning to what radio no that happened nobody's that board it's not I was getting I was crazy I was just trying to go out there as far as I could we'll give you a hand well this isn't the best of times it is definitely the worst of times really reading what specifically are Charles Dickens a tale of two cities well in general I'll give it to you the classic last exotic art and literature a survey shows that people are reading and listening more and more to classic works of art like the jazz of Louis Armstrong or early Justin Bieber the reason researchers are citing other than of course we've literally watched everything on Netflix is that people are now more introspective in their longing for time tested wisdom also that old story about some man pushing a rock up a hill for all time to no purpose really resonates these days you know I I listened I have the audio version it's it's unabridged but I do have an audio version of grapes of wrath and I listen to it more as a training film anything else if it ever becomes necessary to flee with their meager possessions yeah I want to know exactly how to fold grandma into the back of the truck Tom health beauty products has released a new line of makeup in collaboration with one other major consumer.

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