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In the game Ottawa to pass laws in the light of the block to the shot yeah they're also struggling to get pucks out yeah some of that sports by the other seven that's all the force thoroughly bars they'll take this drama because wins it all right circle shot of white laugh read in a lady love point shoot walked in front by Shattenkirk speeds up the middle Tyler Johnson office day pounces in on Varlamov they'll put you to to the near corner plot is they're trying to keep alive the strip by lady Nicoletti right wing Everly ordinarily walks across the lighting line right point for the recorder bars L. loses a rally for Shattenkirk as far as a lot of John Kerr try to squeeze free tips it appears that for Tyler Johnson he does get it out it was well done but all you need to make sure that part got out lady in the re group left wing Anders Lee flicks it back in but played a search of the lighting far corner strip by bars L. buy sell these Leila circle I circle Everly islanders players are everywhere right now the lady and I really love circle shoots blocked rebound leave by the death eaters Lee was picked up by circuits have Mike is played by Shattenkirk up the middle three three sorella rolls to plot needing a change here for the red line is completed lady get fresh players out of the ice got me feel we'll call back behind the New York Mets eleven thirty eight left in the second one to nothing lightning Mayfield looking up place a leafy Mrs we're sorry first being down there those until I see you take a left circle shot about five feet gloves that holds on what's still cold to me skater right into the crease and bump Basil was unbelievable eleven twenty I left in the second one I think Tampa Bay so this game is change years ago if you do that.

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