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Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in only one day and the easy to use ziprecruiter dashboard let you manager hiring process from start to finish and all in one place and right now my listeners can post jobs on ziprecruiter for free that's right for free just go to ziprecruiter dot com slash woge w o j that's ziprecruiter dot com slash woge one more time to try it for free go to ziprecruiter dot com slash woge your sister kendra yet lost her hearing the a kendra belot second or third grade lost for his second gray what does that do in a family and what are you learn when you watch somebody then live that what did that do the dynamic closeknit group oh man um it was a tough time really tough home just to see what she was going through like to be able to just be a normal family sheikh a here everything was fine and then it literally felt like an obligatory high with all gone and i just remembers the process of are slowly losing it in go onto the doctors and the doctors and the doctors as saying like a never forget it your where my mom came and told us like tenders debt like she kinnear anymore she's going to be hearing a she glad to go to different schools special schools and me my sister just didn't really understand our member these me times or anybody knows me like rogers sometimes i wake up in a mole in niger's curse like i can't sleep batons and i came assistance his crime.

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