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By the local community of the African Americans who own that property. The Klan was involved. It was a really big deal. So do yourself a favor. Do a little research. Good stuff there. All right, Here's Carlos talking weather. Hey, good morning to everyone happy Friday. We made it officially after a busy night of weather, while the weather with rain and thunderstorms across our area. Mostly clear skies right now in most of our communities, although some patchy fog along the coast 72 degrees in Santa Ana right now, 64 in Santa Monica 75 in San Bernardino, Camarillo at 64 degrees. We're looking at the monsoonal moisture in our area right now again, most of our areas seeing scattered rain thunderstorms as well. Take a look at Orange County. Uh, pretty busy out there earlier today that monsoonal moisture rain not bringing much relief in terms of our temperatures still pretty warm about 5 to 10 degrees above normal across most rural areas, one on one in Woodland Hills today 95 in Santa Clarita. 95 vandalized 94 in Burbank 72 degrees in Manhattan Beach, 78 in Santa Monica 93 insanity and upper seventies along the coast with Again. Those slight chances of rain and thunderstorms. Yorba Linda, looking at 91 degrees 94 in Corona is still 95. Apple Valley 96 Barstow 178 in big Bear, 78 or 88 degrees today for 70 forecast on your Friday continuing to 89 degrees on Saturday Sunday 87. 84 degrees on Monday, and that's what began that cooled down for early next week. It dips down to 81 degrees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in that Empire, one or two degrees today, mostly sunny there one on one on Saturday, one of three on Sunday. 97 degrees on Monday, and then there you see it as we continue that cooling train into early next week. Orange County in the 94 degrees today, 93 on Saturday 94 on Sunday 89 degrees on Monday. 85 on Tuesday and then 83 on Wednesday. San Fernando Valley triple digits today, so pretty hot out there, Wanna one today one of four on Saturday, one of three on Sunday. 98 degrees on Monday. Even with that cooling trend, and then low nineties for the rest of the week, Chris and Megan sent it over to you. Thank you so much. Carlos coming up. The actress who's now one went away from an he got.

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