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Com was sports now sixteen and forty six pass the journey home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news nine forty eight traffic and weather together on the aids here Debbie Ryan headed to either airport tonight traffic is free AT salad made way southbound Cicero jam before archer to the ramps to the gets the terminals if your odd at o'hare we have delays on the eastbound and westbound side of the hair extension westbound heavy approaching the terminals it's jammed in the terminals and eastbound jammed right out of the terminals all the way to the tri state ram so that's pretty thick to feed in snot bad on the outbound side inbounded is jam past demonstrated to a road work in the left lane forty one north bound heavy from like cooked Park Avenue west you've got roadwork in the right lane on the inspiral que que the out of the airport it is take Jane that Jane Byrne interchange North Avenue twenty one out to March for thirty one out to the airport inbound salad Ohio Jane Byrne interchange twenty seven here downtown seventeen coming in from the and even junction over the express lanes are closed for overnight maintenance work till five AM until the Ontario feed a ramp is very happy getting to the inbound and outbound headed the ramps again you'll hear extension stinks both ways west bound into the terminals eastbound heavy out of the terminals to the southbound tristate ramps Eisenhower twenty nine to route three ninety invalid thirty what meta right take from Damon did to Jane Byrne after on the Stevenson a looks good either way ago and so far fifty five north and south and will county not bad Ryan out fifteen inbound fifteen the ramp to the Eisenhower that is very heavy they supported bounce approaching stony island get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one if I when ida from accu weather forecast it'll be breezy tonight very warm and humid with a low of only.

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