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Casualty insurance company and affiliates comparison rates not available in all states or situations prices vary based on how you buy there is not a homeless idle clown on the loose and lives pennsylvania a 17yearold girl says she and her friends have been tiny red balloons the sewer greats like the killer clown in the new horror movie based on stephen kings novel it payton reeve tells pan live dot com that they were trying to scare their friends after seeing a trailer for the movie a red balloon as the calling card of pennywise a child eating clown who lives in the sewer rife says she was surprised at how much attention the prank got after the local police posted a photo of the balloons on facebook rife says they'll meet with police for a followup but says they're not being punished bad news for hamilton plans in britain the london opening of the hit musical has been pushed back promoters the friday the official opening by we'll be december 21st following previews that begin on december six the show had been expected to open in late november but has been delayed by renovation works of the victoria pows theater her theater owner and hamilton coal producer cameron mackintosh said restoring these story building is taken more time than expected and he's sorry to change the performance schedule producer jeffery sellars of those with tickets to shows that have been cancelled we'll be accommodated other dates as quickly as possible an artificial intelligence research lab said to be built at the massachusetts institute of technology ibn says it plans to spend two hundred forty million over the next decade to create the lap at mit the lab will support joint research by ibm and mit scientists is missionary include advancing the hardware our software and algorithms used for artificial intelligence it also tackle some of the economic and ethical implications of intelligent machines and look at his commercial.

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