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Testing for covert 19 continues, But there are still many questions on whether everyone has access. The amount of testing that the U S. Is doing is still not enough for the amount of infections that are likely out there and certainly not enough to meet the demand for testing. I'm tan Xena Vega and today in the takeaway for Wednesday, July 15th look at Corona virus testing throughout the United States. Also how heat waves may cause problems in the fight against covert 19 then check in on Tuesday's elections in Alabama, Texas and main, and we bring you part of our recent forum on what the future of policing looks like in the United States. You've got to be real careful that we don't throw the baby out with the bath water and that we don't great with broad brushes. It's truly about leadership. But we've been measuring crime in law enforcement. The last quarter century way haven't been measuring justice. Take away. We'll be right back after these headlines. Live from NPR news. I'm Lakshmi Singh, Oklahoma Republican Kevin Step is now the first governor in the U. S to publicly confirm he has Cove in 19 and breaking the news Today. State says he was shocked to find out he'd been infected. But as Catherine Sweeney of member station K O s U, reports that says he has no plans yet to order tighter Corona virus restrictions across the state. As Oklahoma announced another record breaking day for positive Corona virus test results, Governor Kevin Stitt announced his was among them want to use my story to remind of moments that if you aren't feeling well We want. We want you to get tested. Although some Oklahoma communities already require people to wear masks in public sit, maintains that such requirements encroach on personal freedoms, not thinking about a mass mandated at all. The governor says he does not think he became infected at President Trump's rally in Tulsa a month ago. Where masks were not required for NPR news. I'm Catherine Sweeney and Moscow G Oklahoma While Oklahoma's governor is reluctant to mandate face coverings, the governor of Alabama Kay Ivey is going a different direction. I am announcing a statewide Mandatory may ask. Wearing effective starting tomorrow, the Alabama Republican says hospital I see youse across the state are almost at capacity. Alabama has reached a state record of 40 deaths from covert 19 in a single day. Texas also set a record for new confirmed cases. 10,800 additional people have tested positive for Corona virus. Republican Governor Greg Abbott is urging people to wear masks in public. In New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is requiring visitors from nearly two dozen states to quarantine for two weeks after arriving in the tri state area. Cuomo says his state has worked hard to contain its outbreak and wants to keep it contained. President Trump flies to Georgia today, where he is expected to announce a change in the review process for large US infrastructure projects from member station W. A. B E in Atlanta, Molly Samuel reports. Trump had said this year in January, when he first introduced proposed changes to the National Environmental Policy Act that changing the environmental review process had been his top priority. The law requires projects like highways, pipelines in oil and gas development. To go through a review that Khun Take years studying what impacts they'll have. Trump has proposed limiting how long environmental studies Khun take to finish requiring fewer projects tohave to be reviewed and restricting how climate change gets considered. He's expected to announce his final version of the overhaul near the Atlanta airport this afternoon for NPR news. I'm Molly Samuel in Atlanta. US stocks are trading higher this hour, The Dow is up more than half a percent, or 144 points at 26,787. The NASDAQ has risen nearly half a percent as in peace up 3/4 of a percent. This is NPR. And this is WNBC in New York. I'm Sean Carlson. Elected officials are struggling to address the uptick in violence throughout New York City. The NYPD says there have been more than 650 shootings so far this year, compared to about 400 in the same period last year. City Council member Robert Corner, G says caused it to fund the Police Department have left both police and communities feeling demoralized people took an opportunity during a very tough time during unprecedented budget deficit. His language that was inflammatory. That has driven the city into a chasm. We have to sit back at the table. Kennedy says the community has to support the NYPD in order to ensure the safety of the city. Some advocates have pushed for a smaller police presence. City health officials say they're working hard to fight epidemic fatigue with even well intentioned people taking off their masks, Maura and getting closer than six feet of friends and people outside their household. Dr. J. Varma is the mayor, senior adviser for covert 19. He says the city is working hard to reach out to young people via social media and other channels. To get that message out. We knew it was going to be more challenging for younger people because they need to sacrifice a lot, even though their individual risk of getting severe disease is low. Well. Numbers in New York remain low. Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have both expressed concerns about the Corona virus rapidly spreading in other parts of the country. As you've been hearing, they warn, if people are careful about wearing masks and gathering in large groups, New York could add itself to the list currently topped by Florida, Arizona and Texas. For tonight. 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