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They need the money. Can you elaborate on that? Yeah. Just give him the money. I mean, what makes people poor lack of money makes people pour, you know, And it was not as if we're not spending enough money trying to fix this problem. I have. I have the figures here someplace. I actually have actually did the math on this one. We will find out eventually. But the you know, we have. We don't even know how many poverty programs that we have, Uh, Well, you can't have too many, can you Because I guess not. You know, already is bad PJ and we already is bad stamp it out with programs. Yeah, well, you know, I think we could stamp it out. Why the heck did that go? I think we could stamp it out. Louise here anyway, they Republican congressional committee that like hates poverty programs looked into poverty programs and said. We have about 92 poverty programs. Now this is the Republicans, the heat these programs. You would think that they would know exactly how they but they even they couldn't figure it out. How many poverty programs we have PJ overwork a cry from the middle, so we spend. I can't find the numbers. But we spend about 491 $92 billion a year on poverty programs, and I'm not counting Medicare. I'm not counting medical Assistance, the poor of any kind Medicare or otherwise, because we don't want people to be both poor and sick. That is just that's really wrong. So let's leave the medical spending out of it just on the poverty programs alone. Now, if you take that money, and you divide it up among the poor You don't have any more pour. It makes people un pour it brings them up. It doesn't quite bring a single person. I'm trying to get my head around this You mean to say if you give the poor people the money that we spend on poverty programs they are you were anymore is like a family of, uh, provides about 10 grand per poor person. It doesn't bring a single poor person quite up above the poverty line, which is around $12,000. But there's nothing saying that that single Poor person can't buddy up, you know, And then I'll be a $20,000 household income family of for a poor family of four would have, like a 40 some $1000. Um, uh, annual income and they would be, you know they wouldn't be rolling in it, You know, I mean, it's not going to the bathroom and hi clover, but they wouldn't be desperate. They wouldn't be food in security wouldn't be desperate Browsing, there wouldn't be Poor Would that be sustainable? I mean, is that a one year thing or could we do that year? This is just, you know, we could do this year after you remember doing it already? This is what we're spending per year on poverty programs. Now I don't know how you go about. You know, when it comes to being a policy wonk, I'm all walked no policy, but S so I don't know exactly how you do this. But what I do know from my own taxes is that the government is extremely efficient of taking money away from you. So I think the government could be equally efficient at handing it out. They put their mind to it. Brilliant. Okay. So on the other side of the coin you advocate making rich we dealt with poor people were going to give them the money. You want to make rich people less comfortable? Yes, Dave. I want to make rich people uncomfortable. And you see, I think one things is dividing us is the name is a nation is that there's this tremendous envy. Off of the very wealthy and you know it didn't used to be that way. American wealth used to be farm or unfairly distributed back in the days of the Rockefellers and the Astors and so on, Then it is today, but rich people weren't envied in the same way because Which people were all stressed up in the you know, starchy collars, searching high collars. Great. You know, they women had had, where bustles they were covered. You know, they were so covered in brocade and crinoline and all the rest of the stuff that way I paid her up here. Why the hell did women where But what was the point of a bustle to make it But Look enormous. Why was the leg a Kardashian related pre Kardashians? Why would Kardashians answer that question? Okay, alright. Yeah, it was but enhancement before plucks. You know, your plastic surgery had made its way to Miami. Okay? Yeah. So please go. Please go on there. Just so they just looked on. There was really the women were wearing so much close. They might as well have been in brocade burkas, you know, and, uh and he had the way It. Eat dinner until was eight o'clock eight o'clock at night before you could have dinner you had. You know, he had all these stupid even when the rich people were trying to have fun. It looked terrible, like a drowning in their yachts. They're getting their next broken under polo ponies. They're out walking around the middle of nowhere, hitting things with a stick and this stupid game new game golf. You know, and people were saying, Whoa, whoa! No, no, no, thanks to that. They never get the knot The bung out of a barrel of beer and dance of polka, you know, and on and have some fun like the rest of us Do so. Yeah, when I want to do it So nowadays you know, you get these ultra rich people richer, Probably then Iraq. A feller's in Astor's ever were you got like Jeff Zucker burg wearing his underwear in public..

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