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Be doing who. You're supposed to be what you're supposed to do. Money work relationships. I'm ken coleman joined by my colleague. Dr john baloney. We're together this hour taking your calls. Triple eight eight to five five to five so Doc let's set the table. Shall we sat down. We can do a little dr john baloney show. We'll talk about mental health emotional health marriage issues. We'll talk about. Ooh how about this one toxic workplace garbage all john. What is that team up on that. What's a toxic workplace exist anywhere don't exist at all. I don't know that all crappy leaders men are making you consider changing your entire career. Lane is at necessary the emotional junk at work. John and i love the team up on that because that's his area in the area of mental emotional health. I'm over here in the area of purpose and doing what you were created to do. Of course we'll take your money questions relationship questions Here's one been getting a lot of traffic james producers telling me people asking questions. Hey ken my company is going to mandate the vaccine for various reasons. I don't want to do it. That means i might lose my job. I'm expecting lose my job. What do i do. I'm getting that call regularly on the ken coleman show. I told you on the doctor. John so john and i can help you that because that is not just a. That's not a work career question that there's there's all kinds of stuff there. There's the emotional. The mental duress the financial decisions. You gotta make. This is a tough choice. That's being a brought your way so we'll take those questions. Here's what we're not going to. We're going to get into a political argument over it. We're going to help you navigate the future the steps ahead so we're open it up. It's about you we're here for you. Triple eight eight to five five two two five. Let's start it off with tyler. Who joins us now in salt lake. City utah tyler. How can we help. Hey john and ken thanks so much for question. What's up So i'm twenty two years old and i'm working fulltime right now and then doom school online. And i'm at the point in school where i should really be Deciding and locking in on a career or a focus on what. I'm studying going into But at this point time. I'm really not sure I can't really navigate which path. I like to go. Go down to what career i like to go into. My question is how. Should i go about deciding that. And then how much should i really A lot of money to influence that decision up. How much i'll be making it that career yet so moneymatters. Let me. Just start with that. But i would never let the amount of money that i could make be the ultimate decision maker. Is it a part of the decision. Yes but not the ultimate decision maker. And i'll start with this title. I can't tell you how many phone calls i've taken on the ken coleman show here on the ramsey show where somebody is taken a promotion because it was a lot of money and it was a big bump and then they got over there and they realize man i'm miserable and that happens all the time the data that's out there on wall street millionaires. That are really good at their job and making a killing and they're miserable and as a result they're moving into depression They're moving into addiction. All kinds of. I'm gonna tell you something you gotta love the work or at some point If you don't love your day job you better have a side job or hobby. That's very very meaningful to you. You gotta have some purpose in what you're contributing so I would consider what your options are from a pay standpoint but never let it be the deciding factor. So let's get practical. You're in school. You're in a major. I'm guessing you have a couple of ideas as it relates to paths. That you're considering gimme that gimme the the ones that are the the most exciting to you right now. You spend the most time thinking about Well something In the business realm Whether that's company or or My girlfriend's father accountant. Something around that area doesn't sound super exciting. But something that i potentially might be going into but like said i'm still kind of trying to decipher. I get it but tyler. I got ask you. Why did you go into school. What was something that you thought. You know what this could be exciting work. Is there ever been a point where you said you know. What does i looked at my future. And i wonder a little bit. What did you wonder about. What have you done well. It was originally going into school for psychology be. I wanna be counselor a therapist. Why because i do love the of to help people and i'm pretty good at listening and And try and give them good advice or help them understand their situation better. Have you moved on from that I think uh. I only did because the school down the road kind of the extra school kind of threw me off your but hold on a second. Let's pause it. What was the driving reason behind your interest in psychology and helping people specifically the problems that people have that draw you in that led you that direction anything from your personal journey or observation experience. Yeah i would say probably experience. Are you comfortable sharing that Yeah so i. I actually My mom had a counselor growing up just with family matters with siblings and family and out of different treatment centers and everything And i think just having the charlie growing up having someone to talk to and Not only to listen to you but you know help you navigate Through you know whatever craziness you're going through. Yeah you had somebody in that role. That still means a lot to you. Yeah definitely.

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