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Than an inch though. I'm donavan wins. News time at the tone one thirty. Good afternoon. I'm Susan Richard on this day. Twenty one of the partial federal government shutdown a Bill to provide back pay for workers goes to the president for his signature that legislation. However does not mean that eight hundred thousand federal employees will get their check today that's not happening. And so many private groups are stepping up to help that includes a food pantry and Elizabeth for many years James Carey has run. The Elizabeth port Presbyterian food pantry here. In Elizabeth sadly, dozens lineup every Friday and Saturday to get help added to that line now for load workers from the government who are now missing paychecks and need help carries. Message to them is this for a little federal workers who died near food to come down. Here. We'll sustain them until they get back on their feet. Surpri thing you're like to one lady who reached out she was about what time was she had to stand in line, and I know damn bearish and they don't want to stay in their lives. Surpri thing this particular pantry will be open every Friday and Saturday with. Fresh meat vegetables and other produce milk for furloughed families in need. Glenn shock ten ten wins. And Elizabeth President Trump at Democrats remain at impasse to end the shutdown with the president demanding five point seven billion dollars to build a border wall. It's widely reported that he will make good on this promise to declare a national emergency and used disaster relief money already designated for Texas and Puerto Rico Democrats are likely to sue if that happens dueling women's marches in the city, we'll have that coming up after traffic and AccuWeather wins. News time.

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