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Like, I don't think I think most people think like corners corners safeties safeties free. Can't be strong a cover corna can't be a deep zone. They're all Xs and os, you need five or six Xs and os back there in the secondary to cover different areas that feel they all have to be good players. They all have to be solid football players. If you give me two Eric berries out on the field. I guarantee you the defense will be if you give me two Dion. If you can meet two of anything is good has anyone thought of maybe just clone? These guys closets. You get your new Eric berry over there, the -sition as far as the defenses are right now is just not as Bonilla as it used to be where the same guy always played the deep in the same guy always rolled into the box. I think back when you know when I play for the rare skin that was a defense Brian Dawkins. Was the box safety. He was the guy the heavy hitter the blizzard, and then they let any other safety. Join the team be the the free to play the deep side and stuff like that. But I think the way defenses have start going down. Bob sends defense you have to be able to do both. You gotta be able to rock and roll to safeties with the mount of shifts emotions if you always bring in the same down, and they can tell which defense you're in because you're always bringing your strong safety to five yards off the box or two yards outside the hash anything like that tells the quarterback a little tip tip about what defender in you're doing yourself a disservice. So it's just ELS. Everybody has to play and play almost every position. So in your eyes. A world of Daniel Sorensen who I expect either this week or next week Eric berry who the chiefs expect back. I don't want to say I expect back because I have no idea what's going on with that situation and Clinton Dix would have worked out. So maybe you you you send Jordan Lucas packing. Then you have that package Eric Murray, and maybe Ron Parker still in the team, and that could have worked you think for the chiefs and that could have been a better defense than they have. Now, I like Lucas, I wouldn't have Lucas who's that odd man out you tell me, and you you mentioned it has to be it have to be Ron Barker or an Eric Murray at that point. I know after this week a lot of people become for park. You said in that me. They saying I tend to agree that I think you bring on the town if you don't feel you have that. I think the chiefs would they we've been kind of repeating it all weekend and so on and so forth. You probably heard quite a bit on this radio station earlier today. I just think they believe that Eric berry is their midseason acquisition. That's why they weren't willing to give away that future capital. I wanna move onto the final big move of the day though, Sean and that was for defensive end Dante valor junior traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Los Angeles Rams for a two thousand and nineteen third rounder H one twenty fifth round pick richest deal when it came to draft picks today. What did you make this move man, Dante fell as the beast? He's a guy that it covers a lot of ground. He's intense hitter. He's impact player pass run plays all day owns. I mean, just just a very high level elite linebacker league right now with a moment hitman fit five three going out with the ribs. You could see that being..

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