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And she says right there yeah I'll I'll meet with anyone so long as they agree with me I'll be bipartisan so long as they agree with me to have a way to live your life look I don't know who this woman for madam I don't this Megan Rapinoe the first I heard of her was when she announced she would not meet with the president or would not go to the White House and again I thought to myself I don't remember you getting invited but okay I'm not a huge women's soccer fan just not so I don't know who she wasn't as I understand she's an incredibly talented soccer player there's just no way to to take that away from her in good for her good for her and some is a well she's she's never done anything I I know this group which is never done anything outside of the soccer I don't know I know she has a day job I don't know what they do or how they do it but she's an incredibly talented athlete there's no taking that away from and she's apparently a far left wing person I don't really care what I do care about holds is showing such contempt and disrespect for the president of the United States however the president might be what I do care about is this this stated policy of not speaking with anyone with whom you disagree that's a problem it's a big problem Robert Johnson Robert Johnson is a billionaire he is a well he just a brilliant guy absolutely brilliant founded a B. E. T. black entertainment television and Robert Johnson is under attack now by people on the left even though he's a Democrat by the way I should let the record reflect that your honor Robert Johnson is a lifelong Democrat but he dared to say a couple of things with which leftists like this Megan repeal disagree take a listen to Robert Johnson number one please well I think the economy is doing absolutely great and it's particularly reaching into populations a heretofore have bad very bad problems in terms of jobs and employment and the opportunities that come with full employment so African American unemployment is at its lowest level Hispanic unemployment women so I I give president trump and I've said this before on squawk box and the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that's benefiting a a large number of Americans I think the tax cuts clearly help stimulate the economy I think business people have a little bit more confident in the way the economy is going and I think it's beginning to have some impact globally we still have some issues to deal with with the China trade negotiation issue but overall if you look at the US economy and you will look at the number of people who are no longer and is looking for jobs but now sort of seeing the opportunities for job growth I you got to give the president a an a plus for that wow now Robert Johnson self made billionaire man who founded black entertainment television and a lifelong Democrat has just said there for the entire world to hear exactly what most of us on this program have said for a while the economy is doing well people are finding jobs there more people looking for jobs and you have to give the president the credit for that he's under attack for that why because he's a black man and he's a Democrat the left is attacking him with such such anger vitriol because he dared to diverge from the pre written scripts the agenda the narrative that apparently every black American is supposed to subscribe to how ridiculous is that look I see it in my community every American Jew is supposed to believe exactly the same thing and those of us who dare to be conserved as well there's something wrong with us now I don't have the kind of money Robert Johnson does where he can basically turn to them and say I really don't care what you say I can I can buy my own island somewhere I've already got twelve players I don't need you know he's he's got that kind of money but isn't it awful that he's under attack because he dares to speak as an intelligent well read well educated thoughtful man who's come to the conclusion that boy the economy is doing well and the president gets the credit for that that's why he's under attack that is another reason all my share that with you in a moment Hey I don't want you to miss out the lunch rush this going to be very very very cool we're gonna bring twenty people total twenty people total be twenty winners you'll come in on Thursday July the eighteenth from noon until one it's right here at the radio factory in the west end you're gonna sit down with me and John reed we're gonna talk we're going to listen to what our brush and obviously it's lunch time we're going to eat the lunch is free all you've got to do register online right now all news radio W. R. VA news radio W. R. B. A. as soon as you get there you've got a big red thing that says lunch rush click on that and that way.

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