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I guess it's official. We're now in Facebook. It is still official happy new year, by the way. This is the first drop a two thousand nineteen on today's drop. We're going to discuss the first fan returns for the two thousand eighteen NBA all star game and to beat who were voting for. Let's cast our ballot. Let's have our say, and maybe we'll have some disagreements on some of the physicians. Are we're going to step on the beach to read your questions including good one about John wall's season ending heel injury. It's something we haven't really got into because it happened over the holiday break. We also have worst the week nominees. We've got the punt gun. We've got I assume a tweet that you're going to read something that Matt. Will you be complaining? I forgot to ask you about the tweet. Yeah. Maybe not what we'd be stepping into the complaint area before tweeted the week. Yeah, we can do that. Okay. Maybe. But I. Yeah. James harden, James harden, jeans, it the beard on Thursday night. He hit a contestant definitely contested our employer. Yeah. With two point seven seconds left in overtime and finished with his fifth straight forty plus gained forty point plus game. Rallying the rockets past the warriors one thirty five one thirty four. It was thriller there on TNT that second game of the doubleheader finished with forty four points. Overall, fifteen assists, ten boards clink, cappella, contributing quiet as Berkeley called at twenty nine and twenty one game. And it sorta was harder though. Unbelievable in the second half warriors were up big. It looked like it was going to be a honor here, and they were going to put it away, but Hardin and guys like Austin rivers Daniel house and then Capella like I said got back in this game. And then hardened just really just took over down the stretch and in overtime hitting step back after step back after step back, and he continues this. I mean unbelievable offensive scoring. Run here that he's on over the last five games. But really more. If you're looking at the last ten or eleven or twelve games. It's crazy. Yeah. Only a few dudes have done forty plus in five straight games, Michael Kobi himself and Alan Iverson are the only ones that's pretty good company and people are people say, well, the three balls a lot more prevalent. Now. That's totally true. James harden ghost line a lot? That's totally true. Last night. I think it was sort of an aesthetic Lee. Nice game for James only nine free. Throw attempts. That's decent flops or embellishes that stood out. Ironic. He should have been called the defense. Draymond green should have been called for the foul in that one in overtime. He hit them five. Yeah. But he doesn't get that one. But you're right. He wasn't flopping around there. But man, it feels like he's just like I'm just going to step back three every time. Almost check this. Check this number. He is hit one hundred setback threes. The next guy in the league is at twenty eight. He's the king of the step. That's that's according to second spectrum and Zach Lowe found that. But he's literally perfected that especially with you know, he they don't pass the ball. So he's got to find a way to get space. He's literally made that his shot. And if he ever has a statue outside Toyota center, it's going to be stepping back. I guess needs to Needs be like. to be like moving stats. Bobble leg like stepping back. If Johnson's going to be in the background. It's all these steps against really good defense. And a lot of cases to an bunch of them on the warriors. I mean, Durant's height you can do it against him multiple times. Klay Thompson, a great defender. At least the staying close as possible guy looney looney cooked curry on a jumper one not a three Draymond green. And in the overtime, Shaun Livingston. He goes on and on that one you talk. Steph was in that third period. Where actually I thought that was a key run in the game. Because he kept them close. That was in the warriors could have quite easily blown that game open..

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