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Sipc gotta be the hardest thing We're gonna continue our discussion with mark. Schmitz he lost his twenty year old son lance corporal jared schmitz and darren. Hoover lost his thirty one year. Old marine corps staff. Sergeant darren taylor hoover Who is about to leave. The service said and retire and maria's fiancee. I mean it's it. These are thirteen individuals. We lost about twenty five hundred all told and ghanistan and i can tell you having spoken with so many people that did tours of duty gold star families that lost loved ones those with the most severe injuries that they got in afghanistan and iraq and they're all dislike. Why why did you do this to us. Why do you. Why do you start wars. Lose them politicize them in pull us out. You know with the new modern weaponry we have. It would not have been hard. Wouldn't have even taken one boot on the ground. Little intelligence only and as the taliban was on the march taking over large geographical portions of afghanistan in march april may june july. It would not have been hard to strike at them and push them back hard. They would have stopped that maneuver. They wouldn't have made to cobble and we could have gotten everyone out before. The taliban got kabul are more with mark. Smits and darren hoover two dads goldstar. Dad's when we continue. I twenty five till the top of the hour toll. Free number eight hundred nine. Four one sean of final thoughts as we continue From our last half hour mark schmidt's he lost his twenty year old son lance corporal. Jared smith's one of the thirteen marines killed of the bombing at karzai international airport in kabul last week Darren hoover's with us. He lost his thirty one year. Old marine corps staff sergeant. Son darren taylor. Hoover darren. I'm i'll let you say anything you want to say about your son. You did meet biden at dovers and if you wanna talk about a fine if you don't i don't care now. We didn't meet him We talked it over as a family and decided that we we didn't want anything to do with him We felt like that's what would want us to do now. Don't get me wrong. Pay there was over there. He was doing his job. He was leading his marines. And going from and we've heard this from a bunch of friends Through different channels are a bunch of his his man through different channels through friends and families that he was going around to each of his marines. That were in that firefight prior to the The suicide bomber going around each of his marines keeping them on track on targets of the firefight making sure they all had the amunition that they need making sure they were staying focused staying in the fight. That's who he is a natural born leader from from his early years up through the marine corps. He's always been that from his football team Through high school or junior high but actually elementary school school and high school He was one of the leaders on the field Like i said before. He's very loving very caring but it went when it came to doing the job that he needed to do. He got right down to the brass tacks and and helped build up. the marines. That he was in charge of there was particular moran. I forgive me. I can't remember his name.

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