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It's like conic instantly onic there's so many great memes this week as well brent i don't know if you saw but like i just feel like i saw the vange everywhere drag race community is fantastic for me was but vanja has truly ticket taken the world by storm it really has not only that i've seen vans all over social media and it makes me even more bitter that she didn't do better in the damn lip sync last week because i feel like this challenge she would have killed him we could have had her like she could have been looking gigli kellyanne tae where they barely survived the first episode and then they're here for like six or seven episodes and you really get to know him but instead she terrible on the lip sync and we lost her right away because everything i've seen on social media tells me i would love there and i really do believe this i'm not just saying this i really think that she could be back i really really do i think ru loves her when tweeting about her and i think this just i think she's coming back i think she's gonna come out of a box like in season eleven i think our guest one of our guest judge for the episodes padma locked me also tweeted like that she should be now greeting like judges on top chef using that yeah i think something ross said as we get into the judging later about like a lot of people take a little while to rev up and the michelle's like if they stick around and that really made me think vange and some other queens i think repulsed drag race more than maybe any other show is set up for like a returning season of first or second boots like gone too soon because there are a lot of people who just don't warm up as quickly like you mentioned gigli that was a perfect example of people who maybe we lost episode one that would have made a real impact on the show later on.

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