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Getting the moves I started out this morning. I've been doing your your method for about a year. Now you're breathing your breath work and then This morning I took a nice cold shower and feel great. It's good typic- it works. Rea- better sense that we obeying gone into the signs showing that it actually very good to get a lot. Better control over the immune system and your moods had know no depression. All that old adage is gone so that that's because of designs the credibility and that had took over in the world. Why don't you get a credibility? Bill are able to take natural ways back a to them selves and make. Sunday feel the change. And then it's done. You don't need too many words to make it happen because feeling is the understanding. So go ahead. Jt Notre Gobi. Yes I thought we start the POD For people who don't know who you are familiar with your methods Could describe the Wim Hof methods and maybe have the journey started. I was young. I looked into the world. I so war abuse of power money driven people monetize alluding to world Sodomizing Noel and about becoming insensitive right. What's job and Ahmed? I will not be are of this. I'm going to have my own roads. I believe in happiness. Strengthen out dare you law alone. Seventeen years now. It is forty one forty four years ago that I want a low in a my philosophies debating with everybody but the trade of every day just keeps on running so I to android and be myself and how I could be myself. You take a cold shower and you are yourself you go into freezing water wash all the sense and the good deeds and everything anything you think you wash it away. It's GonNa 'cause you're not thinking you are and where you saw..

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