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Congratulations on what happened in Atlantic City. You had a very nice showing. I did it was a lot of fun happy to be home. But it was a thrill to say the least experience so top fifteen on the final night. And we all saw you on TV that was absolutely cool. And I wanted to ask you about the award. You won for onstage interview during the prelims that was pretty cool. Tell us about that. It was so interview is always been my favorite phase of competition. Many people don't see the cry that ten minute interview you have with the judging panel and with the elimination of swimsuit any extension of onstage speaking in competition. People got to see more of that this year, which is incredible. So I received the first onstage interview question. Preliminary award Wednesday night for preliminary competition this year, and I was for it. I do have speaking. I knew my interview felt good. But you never really know truly. How you did? And that was approbation that it went as well, as I thought it was this experience, everything that you thought it was going to be it was I know. There's a lot of backlash with the changes and uncertainty. But I told everyone that I've had the opportunity to see something back that it was my experience and for those two weeks. I felt like Miss America the volunteers the security guards the hostess team everyone that made. Sure, all fifty one of us candidates were prepared enjoyed our time in Atlantic City and truly had that Miss America experience that you play and dream for years in the making TNN Vander. Hi, miss Wisconsin is with us. Do you ever roommate when you're at Miss America, dad, I ruined with DC district of Columbia, Alison Farris, and she's great. I was just texting her because we're getting a group of girls together to go down to Disney and February and Rhonda Disney Princess half marathon for children's hospital. Now, that's wonderful. I always wonder do all the ladies get along. When you're together we do. I know there's some common scary. Oh, types involved the pageants. But it's a sisterhood and a lot of them. I was texting with Justice afternoon where like we miss. I you we were together every day for about twelve days, and you share a unique bond having that level of focus and preparation towards something that you all want. But no, you're accomplish driven women and beyond only one of us can win. You do form a unique friendship. Okay. Two part question who is the nicest, and who is the one that just got on your last nerve. Oh, God, I'm on question nicest, Susan ISIS. We'll get on your nerves. You know? That's a that's a tough one. I could answer that question. Sorry through that back that. Did you did you bond like DC, you your roommate rights, you probably bonded with her? Do you find yourself that? You really have some young women that you just have a bond with something really in common with you. You do I think at any avenue of life and a workforce setting or team environment. You find that I got really close with miss Washington at orientation in July. And we grew our friendship atmos- America. She to then broadcasts as a reporter and an anchor. So we have that in common, and we're both a little older miss Texas with another one Madison that I got close with I roomed with her orientation. So he wasn't my roommate atmos- America that we got close. Then do you feel like with this experience? These will be friendships and bonds that last for a lifetime. Oh my goodness. Yes. Many pass holders. It's bad. Oh darn so scanning up in my wedding. Or I visit them all the time our kids their friends. So it's a unique friendship to go through this caliber of an event together to be on live television to be focused in preparation for months and years leading up to this point. Absolutely. She is missed Wisconsin 2018 Tiana Vander high. And she's got a lot of good work. She's a good kid and continue to do around our state for a little bit of time here. Congratulations. You did us. Also, proud. Nice work Tiana. Thank you so much for being with us. Hey, thanks for having me. NF? Anyone wants to book me you can have to miss Wisconsin dot com and schedule your that's a great idea. Miss Wisconsin dot com. Right. Thank you. Another thing. I wanted to mention boss is her platform of Sanford building our sauce skill strengthening our future. I love this. It's about interviewing it's about relationships. It's about getting along with other people. Verbal and nonverbal communication skills, helping young people achieve their goals through those skills, and that is her platform town of Andhra hide it is three thirty eight et WTMJ. We're gonna head to I think it's North Carolina. Get an update on the fallout from hurricane Florence live up next on WTMJ.

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