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You knew you were coming over. Right now. 5 seconds ago. That's pretty great. Yeah. You're one of my favorites. I gave you the soda. I gave it to you. I know I gave you a story. You know what I'm saying? So yeah, then Owens gives the cameraman a stunner and that guy sold it very well. He did it, right? He's like, this is my time. Like, during the promo, they showed the cameraman, like they showed a different shot showing the cameraman in the ring. And I was like, oh, that was a fuck up. 'cause they never showed that. But obviously it was on purpose to set up that he's gonna stun the cameraman, so that was pretty funny. Always gold from Domino's. He's got to do a few by himself, basically. Correct. He's killing it. Yeah. Next I'll be a Finn Balor versus Damien priest. Not. For the United States. Championship. What? Did he just lose it? Yeah. Oh, but now he's got our earnest shot when he was the champion. I guess. We also have Austin theory and commentary to talk shit about pat McAfee, which has nothing to do with dollar and priest, right? Well, they knew nobody wanted to see this shit. Is this what third week in a row? Something like that, yeah. Early in the match, free skate ballad the razor's edge on the announce table. Balor set up for the coup de Grom, but then theory jumped on the apron to distract him. Valor did his dropkick to theory, knocking him out of his chair, and then when Ballard got in The Rain priest grabbed him and hit reckoning for the win. So that's right. He's doing reckoning again. Right. Did they change that? Because of Scott hall's death, like don't do the razor's edge for a little bit. No, it's an even better than it's even better now, I think. Yeah. I don't know. Did he get the reckoning? And then after the match theory gave Ballard the ATL and took a selfie and valor's like, yeah. He should have just yelled that on while laying on his back. Take a selfie, fucking ass. By the way, a new U.S. champ. No, not so mania. What? Did you even know in the middle of the Damien? Yeah, I know. We forgot to keep track of who technically should be that U.S. champion. Next up we have homage versus commander of these. Wow. What a WrestleMania caliber match. Not. This was like 30 seconds. Omos kind of gave a disease a suplex, very very liberal with the word kind of. What that was. And he gave him the two handed chokeslam for the quick win after the match on moss grabbed a call of Cruz and game of choke slam. Basically palmed his head. Yeah, and lifted him, right? And they were like, oh, moss is still trying to figure out a road to WrestleMania. So they must be doing the battle royal if they're setting this up, you know? Yeah. But omos like he's actually significantly taller.

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