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Is the best I n last the podcast. Wow. Going through it here this morning. I have stumbled across thanks to our fine people at ESPN, stats and info. Some information about the Cincinnati Bengals that already has them Super Bowl bound and after last night, I don't know if last night typical enigmatic Bengals performance. I watched last night. And if you watch for a half of the game, you think, man, this is a Bengals team that might actually be able to do something in a year where it seems like the Steelers, at least right now have some mystery, some uncertainty surrounding their immediate future because when you tie the Browns, anything seems possible. And then you watch the rest of the game for the Bengals and you start to see them allows them things into the frame that look a little bit more normal for them. Now the Cincinnati Bengals did go on and get a win last night in in Thursday night football, they beat Baltimore and a division game thirty four to twenty three in a game where they got out to. About as hot start as you could ask for from this team and that start had everything to do with AJ green who got in the end zone early and often hear the sounds of AJ green courtesy of Andy, Dalton, Donald, throw it on third and one his pass on and traffic. Jay toward the end zone touchdown, bang Dole's as a j. Green broke a tackle about two yards downfield and then opened up the long race bowl stri to take it into the end zone shotgun, snap, Dalton in the pocket, throws it toward the left side of the zone a. j. green first time it is magnificent. NFL career has three touchdowns in a game, and it's only two minutes into the second quarter. Those calls of ESPN fifteen thirty. As you can imagine there about anything other than AJ green, the home radio call is electric. What a, what? A beautiful sanctuary.

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