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Mean, look what Don king was. Exploited. And he was a shyster to get this. I mean, he's still here. Now he is, he promotes white last week. What is he doing? He doesn't in sleep. But Don king came for like he'll say he'll scream racism one sentence to say the America's the greatest country in another and it's just like, what are you doing? These are so fights. I'll Heyman. One of the most influential people in boxing doesn't have a promoter's license. No. You know why? I mean, think about this. You think Al Heyman and PBC would be successful as it is today if Al hayman ever showed his face? I don't know. That's a good question. The more the L is not seen because there are still people to this day. Look, just watch a different world episode this morning. And in this episode, I believe Dwyane Wayne said he asked a bunch of white students who Malcolm X was, it was like the tenth king of England. Right? Which is, it's funny, but it's like people they don't know. Yeah. So you asked a bunch of white students who what colors out human? 75% of them we can tell you is white. They've never seen them before. Yeah. It's just an assumption is that because he's an owner promoter and he's not black and adviser. If you put his face on television, now you put a face that people can dislike. It's a weird thing. That's why I'm always against, like, I had a friend who wanted to put his face on clothes. And I was like, I want to put your face to the people who don't like your face, your clothes aren't going to, no matter what you think. No matter how great the design are if I say that motherfuckers ugly. I ain't buying it. America has always thought in a way that black people are ugly when it comes to certain sports. And have you put Al haymon's face out there? People probably rail against it. It's a weird thing. But Al hayman is one of the most successful people, but the hard part is, you know what he looks like. No. But again, not having. It's just weird to not have a promoter's license then, right? Because you have, oh, that's a complicated conversation with Al. Yeah, we really got to ask about as hard as hell to get. You're never going to get a straight answer because he's managed to do this without a promoter. But then you look at the blueprint that you're now setting. And it's not up to him again to be a role model necessarily, but you're setting a blueprint where now we have Jay prince who's like, I don't got to be a promoter either. No, I can be an adviser, but I have a full stable of fighters. Why aren't you just the promoter? It's like two or three, because Oscar De La Hoya doesn't have the largest stable in the world and he partners with television networks as well. But as a promoter. Yes. So why isn't a black man to promote? I mean, look, top rank is white as white can be. Ain't no black people in the upper east on the top, right? No. I mean, not a matchmaker, not a type to buff, not Barbara, none of them. Nah. I mean, don't go. Oscar De La Hoya Eric Gomez. Yeah, Bernard there. Which Bernard says be able to step out and speak more. For Oscar, even though in our hops and speak at any press conference, we'll be here for a year. But they're just not made events. It's just sounding black promoters. And that's the challenge of it is like, how do you change the face of it? Floyd Mayweather? Oh, black promoter. Has done a lot, but it's like, it's hard for people to accept them as a promoter still. Yeah. I mean, because he's still doing exhibitions and like weird chips. It's a puffy thing. You want me all dancing in your videos. Coming to the other row. It's like that's the puffy thing with Floyd. Maybe it's older, maybe a phase out of being in the limelight, but the weird thing is, does he really have to? Or is that what tradition thinks of promoters supposed to be? But that's true. There's no reason for J prince, for example, it's not be Eddie Hearn right now. Now, if he wants money, but Eddie Hearn's got a Eddie Hearn got lost one. But still, you got enough money to get the fighters in the U.S. that you want to get. Eddie Hearn's daddy was also in the TV business so yeah, different connections. Yes. But it's not like David prince don't got connections. Dame dash, try to do this. We had a roc nation box. Yeah. And it failed. You gotta get the right fighters. It's just like convincing black athletes to go to HBCUs. Join Floyd stable. Maybe I'll go to the top right because they have more legacy. But if everybody went to the black promoter, you can change the game. There's so many levels to this that is, again, it's just not it's not just on top, even though the top has to change, but when it comes to even with the UFC, they just put out a PRES release, we're going to celebrate black history month with our black fighters like hooray. What are you going to do for the rest of the 11 months? Oh, they're not doing what's his face that you're not going to do Michael too. Michael Chandler? Is that it's very surface level when you celebrate on black history month? Black history when you have black athletes and black stories that need to be told all year long, correct. I don't know why you're waiting until this one month, which is the shortest month of the year. And I don't want to be like Kanye, Kanye, this is black future. We're celebrating black future month. You know what motherfuckers don't know history? And you over here talking about future? Stop. The only way you can change is by understanding your past and kind of you don't know the past..

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