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Not right they're either physically or emotionally people put anxiety issues in a separate category think that engenders more sympathy and again it's it's a semantic thing whether sympathy support patronizing or not but i think you do give a little bit more slack maybe a lot more slack to somebody who's issues are not physical donlevatar this fascination in power rankings in fact i'm coming out with a power ranking for power rankings which espn's nfl power ranking right now is debuting at number third on my list it's good powering stugatz who's two and one on that list this is where historic falls because it's a competing it's a non espn entity so we don't want to air it on this hattie play airtime vc's live at our show with this two guys on espn radio but monty jones gonna join us in just a minute on the shell pennzoil performance line no idea we're damn what always love when he doesn't come back for for segments i mean cody can you imagine the reaction if you were not sitting here ready to do a segment the reaction dan what have words you oh my god he's probably throwing up after eating that pretzel that would serve him right for being late yeah anyway but monty jones you to join us in just a second the right time with bomani jones podcast starts april third you can listen on the espn app or apple podcasts very much looking forward to that and his new television show with pablo tori good morning bomani jones.

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