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Komo news time twelve forty time for an update on komo sports tom glasgow leading off with the mariners kempson rockies game two of their twogame series in denver coming up today they'll get things going forward ten our time area miranda on the mound for the mariners who took game one after tonight's game both teams had to seattle two more games at safeco field beginning tomorrow day one of seahawks ot as for the two thousand seventeen schedule her stand guys have been together since that playoff loss in atalanta nba playoffs continue of or one of the finals that comes up on thursday at golden state warriors and the cleveland cavaliers meeting for the third straight year golden state won the first match up gaf's gotta done last year we'll see how it plays steve kerr by the way it's been dealing with the terrible back issues the head coach of the warriors at this point doesn't believe he'll be able to be on the bench for the finals and you dubbed softball team leaving for okay see today the college world series their first game on thursday against team they know well the pact twelve rival in the oregon ducts more sports in thirty minutes right here on your home of the huskies komo news i'm tom glasgow has two and a half minutes away from another traffic update will check in with kierra were now hearing from tiger woods for the first time since his dui arrest in florida over the weekend abc's jim benitez with more the forty one yearold thing alcohol was not involved quote what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications i didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly the gulf also apologizing to his family and fans saying i expect more for myself to seventy nine pga tour event fourteen majors but his reign on top coming after a now infamous suv crash outside his home on thanksgiving in two thousand nine the aftermath revealing a public cheating scandal leading to a very public divorce from his wife and sponsorship losses worth tens of millions of dollars i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior building a backup but in recent years the gulpur played with health issues undergoing poor back surgery the most recent justice april tiger a golfer has been basically mapping over the last couple of years he played.

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