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Like. Tom, hanks enough to watch. You look just like Scott when he reads the on. Ever say that. Sorry, there are many helpful people in this world are. More you grow into a helpful person yourself. The happier you'll find this world of ours is. Man Some Bullshit. I agree I don't like. That was too deep. I don't know man like He. Happened to him like making crayons, and and being curious about things really helps us to learn. Get! Doesn't that's? Wrong though I. Know But. How is that a quote? You know what I'm saying. He said it yeah. I see a lot of stuff to yeah. Sorry, it didn't make a fucking book about rent. Says a lot of stuff ain't they make book? Have that clout. Read it cover to cover. We'll find something in there so I'm proud of every good thing that you want to do for others. What I'm glad, thank you. Be Kind is trying to think what somebody else might like in trying to help them with it. I feel that that's a good one. That's a good one I. Liked our. Be Generous with your gratitude. Thank you two of the best words we can ever learn in fact. Thank you a way of saying I love you. And stop talking. Just. Fuck this book! Again got hide it Frisbee. What is with the train whistle, who isn't I? Don't know I'll know what it is. Thomas God. has this like whistle of a train that? Every. James Bench. I'll couch man. We were just talking about that show. The day Chapelle show is probably the funniest sketch comedy in living regular. Ready we already know yeah. Yeah, it's a good fucking statement man. And then call in my friend, my you either his on TV I haven't done this. I haven't done. That seems like the bold games like you see the game I'm like calling. Grown I'm calling people. Watch this show. Is Crazy. Yeah, man he was. And then quit he at the height of his career. They want to offer more. Million Dollars Review the stress and they're like well. We want to change companies and now fuck yet. I'm going to Africa. Africa. That's our exhaustion excuse. winslow him I. have exhaustion go to Rehab. Chapelle went to Africa and then bought a farm in Ohio. Yeah that's really cool. That's where he. Lives in normal so fucking great yeah God. I think he's a goat man. As far as I'm concerned with, stand up in our generation, right? Like he's like it's it's. He started out making like horrible movies will ignore McDonald. Just less stone to have. Trouble or something his first movie was Robin Hood Men in tights. Fuck auty here me. It was the token black guy. Yeah, yeah, they say. He started standing up when eighteen. DC tells the truth. You know at least his how he sees the truth. Yeah, he's changed the world with a lot of his a comedy man fucking great. We haven't had really anybody. Come up like that, have we? Now, I it's too hard now. Comics be Bill Berman. Bill burs new ships free fucking amazing. If you ever get a chance beyond coal, dion whole, okay. I'll check them out diong whole. Yeah, I like. Find New comedians man I get along with. Joey Coco Diaz. You ever hear. Him Talking. Man Oh man. He's another one. He speaks the truth. It's funny speaks the truth. Something that you can relate to, and then you still see the humor in the tragedy. A fucking whore! What is it? We. Open the door when somebody opens any door in this house like going to the outside, okay? Right train collection some kind of weird fetish, maybe something. It's literally triggering me because all I. Hear in my house trading spaces. Are you trigger? He's fifty shades of grey rooms. Train the. percent that. One hundred percent I. Don't think you guys understand. My son declins obsession with trains like. God I call him the other day watching like a training video for like the railroad on like Osha approved safety measures. Shit yeah, he went deep legit he does. He watch his safety for trains and things like that and Y. Nephew says Choo Choo Up. Literally all he wants to do is watch train videos Haley. We have those wooden train tracks, and we have them all over like our big like living room area. It just train tracks everywhere. She plastic ones. We got the Disney monorail and he just Salman, but he makes train noises. All the time which is comes in handy at Disney. Somebody's not moving in front of you and he's got kids screaming behind. You're going. Joe. Serious. Now, he just doesn't anyways. He's not doing. It's Tony. Just doesn't. We're in public shopping and he's like well. That's. Yeah that's borrow him to store keep. Especially now, they got the I'll markers up and down? People look when they go the wrong way. Yeah, it's ridiculous. They still have them up right now. Sorry Dude I. Need Something Right there like I'm not. All the way around three steps away, yeah! Yeah. We just did that. The hamburger buns when we picked up the hamburger buns to come here like they were right on the edge in my daughter's like Danielle. Daddy I'm serious for real pleasers. People going down there. Like watches how you doing? You said hi to. The person walked about five feet grabbed and she's like. Like, she's like that stressed me out like it's going to be okay. Maybe we'll get. No call the rules man follow. The rules had some guy. We're at Walmart's getting oil replace oil in the car..

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