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And maybe you know, I I'm projecting. But you know, if that's been the struggle. I could see your your appeal to to working with other artists. Yeah. I I don't know if this is real or not, can you just do your thing. You know, it helps I'm able to help them not make the same mistakes. I've made you know, that's been part of that the whole time. So that brings his way I've where does it bring us. Where are we exactly when did you come to Los Angeles? I came to Los Angeles in nineteen sixty five to sell record. I'd produced and then I went to New York and sixty five for the same reason. And then I moved out here probably about nine hundred sixty seven or sixty eight. So you were here through all the, you know, laurel canyon, and you watched it all, you know, turn to garbage. Well, yeah. In a word. Yeah. He saw something. Beautiful just turn into garbage Manson deal really hurt. Everybody. Locked the whole move. We really do gave everybody bad name gave everybody a bad feeling. Did you see him around? No never saw. And as soon as that thing happened. I I got in my car and left. I just thought this is bad. I drove back to Fort Worth and going back to Texas where things made sense go look at the flatness. Yeah. I I can't imagine. It just seemed like yeah. It was bending into some sort of, you know, drug driven chaos out here in the late sixties, wasn't it. Yeah. It was Joe Joni Mitchell was was the Queen of everything. Yeah. She was so beautiful. It's like Elke Sommer if Elke Sommer could've sung and written..

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