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Again. I see is it won't son at one point of say nothing? Come from him, but lot paper kind while you're going to pay twelve MIL- for Kane. You just don't do pay pool. Are they still paper at lot? Talking about kind is Lola. If that wasn't proof enough, the guy just Nah, he's just play to date. Each is not right man. He's not that for ego sees a man anymore soon as the one if any, but he didn't really amazing Burg volume was the want to stout headlines with one brilliant moment. But Valley back now. I personally spurs didn't really posse August I mean I was wondering updates to the united so. I need to go to result, but nothing really stood out to me that much for you not aids. Wa- man stood out Buffo. POGBA poke by. Absolutely dripping so more Sivan Todd we actually China game when he came on. But there's options lot more bags. Rashford looks pretty good. Bruno look pre goods POGBA pre goods one set we one guy. One smoke sample saw as. Maybe my boy say away cusine overtime a while, always back more showers and okay pick just because he plays up. Stop or never actually has good gangs, Marshall or I never. He never plays well, but. You always get a chance. BANGS, in boom, But we all know we're going to look at it. You know I'd assets and even the triple up. Oh, so he's. James in that not China not now you may want Dan Jones when his pogba Marshall Bashford they thank devote i. Post Nine Fernandez de Brunei Fernandez he's. Why did I don't care for him, but now he's more expensive. But? Obviously of of not been a fan of Brunei is quite undeniable Ni- keeps returning every single fucking game. But. The finger is guy for him above already others I made as. Features. Now picking between him Rashford Marcia Alan Poke Bar. Returns every game and doesn't get solved. Nine something you. fucking loads of money. As Oh fourteen penalties this season and Bruno on them. You know 'cause Bro, Polka Rashford running before they might be Vo Titan a little bit because they got water. The Second Monitoring Rashford at boonies ends so many prudential and all of them, but for me that would maybe edge it for me. The reason why go Bruno, Marchelle I mean a will ball might offer thinking of Coachee, Guy. Marshall. But for me, even that will convince me. About the Defense La. Roy Kane we own our fuming Roy Chemo's with McGuire and higher, but I still think defense. He's an okay route. Go down especially with the fixtures. Economy remember that defendants. Get replaced by someone with Brandon Williams yeah. Aw. McGuire. Yeah even the high our high on be. Someone's chucky neighbor. Have to say I'M PEOPLE IN WILDCARD AFTER? Decide now, but. Luxury for me is I. Get I'll get to white for another couple of games. See what do again Sheffield United. Moving on, see what for the rest of in this game was a bit of a paper Bama. Really considering you wanted to get involved. He that your studio movie for these Game Week NY NY of. Golly, now my mood, your journal Moose. Always wake. Go on, so it was going to be sterling to sawn. And guero to Vardi now is GONNA be Leno. To a CAPA- I haven't decided yet. I don't know. Maybe pope may be forced about nine. I am GonNa, go stirred into monae. Or also. Okay now, and that's my captain. One think that before so simple. Why are you doing that? We I watched him play yet. Will Yeah if I look dreadful club rotates apparently Selah Mafia Dow. Amino Kumla race cheaper now because the lawn up's coming out very shortly. But. The Planet Change. That's the plan anyway. What for the Leicester Nothing for me? They're really less last. Stand that game from outlets and for this week. That's what we've already for a have hobby bonds now, but didn't even really seem or much of a day. Say just a bad pick the way my most James and I missed that game so I. Didn't what closely? Yeah feels quite bad now. Let a few quite bad. For me, you know if you've got defender in. If you still holding fluent, show his shout, but someone not all day long. Maybe just maybe he's another guy mode, so uber me. Having patients revolt a as long gone because. We all held volley for very long time soon took him out. He packed Bryce. Thoughtless Dr What foods if they're GONNA do to. Survive relegation, going to be relying on people like Dini and saw to cool I. Look Pre Bang Bang, but yeah, they just watch lists at the minute. Same Foster as well. Wants to keep an eye on because they did. They did have a good performance, but like I said we've one small sample, so I could look absolute sheet. Next game brought an all snow over save. We saw covered off. The really out of these ads Polish it game, not it performance, but what brought an Ama? Is there anyone there? Out never pick anyone from Brighton. Wasn't that guy? Was that guy maybe think about for ten minutes signing some. Midfield Lot. Public goods. Glen Murray, Obama! Ever peaking are just say. He was a Mitch mcco in it. Wherever but yet now we don't don't even consider single Roy, and a push Matt Roy. Fuck. West Dan Wolves Addy. She's a good one because we're GONNA, win a chip up on me, nor as good won't ship up a wolves. We ought to put up moves. We already people dying. We won't ship up I. Mean when a ship do them fixtures bomber from village up next? Oh! Bomber Fisher humanities is captain show. Is a real captain. Shout and I think you'll be buffy people villa offer that awesome.

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