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In the five o'clock hour in Jamaica plain and a call to action a silent vigil outside the civil war statue in J. P. extended for an extra hour as more than a thousand protesters came together and marched to the district eight twelve Boston police headquarters and they peacefully discuss action for the future including voting and getting educated on racism through books every day protesters like this woman said the video in Minneapolis was very sickening there is no way that any human looking at that video by what happened you know I've known about injustices and you know the unity but it's really important now more than ever again since we're not going to stand at the end of the protest in Jamaica plain one woman made the entire crowd take out their cell phones and take down the number for the Boston police community engagement bureau calling on them to engage with local law enforcement meanwhile several communities around the state also held peaceful protests and rallies this week in response to the death of George Florida Minneapolis including balsamic mover in fall river as well as Marlboro she the attorneys for two of the former Minneapolis police officers charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder in the death of George Floyd says they were simply following orders here's more from A. B. C.'s Ryan borrow Thomas lane was on his fourth day as a full time officer Alexander king was only on his third shift when they assisted nineteen year veteran officer Derek shop it interesting George Floyd lane at one point holding Floyd's lace and came holding onto his back while Floyd was handcuffed lane twice asked if Floyd should be turned to his side his attorney calling for the charges to be tossed asked if he was supposed to throw shop at all for Floyd king's attorney made the case that the new officers we're trying to communicate the situation needed to change direction Ribeiro A. B. C. news Minneapolis mayor Marty Walsh is reminding everyone to use extra caution it during protests and demonstrations because of the color nineteen pandemic I'm not as concerned about the re openings I'm more concerned about individuals getting the virus and I I have grave concern about that and I have great concern because most young people at the protest and I just ask them to be careful and in terms of oversight and accountability of the Boston police department the mayor pointed to some changes especially in recent years including the creation of the police agencies body camera program the department also does not treat his officers to use chokehold tactics was of doing a potential suspect he says that reviewing protocol and operations is an evolving process there are now more than a hundred and two thousand confirmed cases of covert nineteen here in Massachusetts we'll delve into more numbers coming out here on WBZ newsradio in just a few minutes stay without it's five oh three back to the highways right now traffic and weather together starting with the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes good morning sunshine at some point to give you write out your general tire it is raining a lot of spots out there we're dealing with thunder and lightning in areas as well depending on where you are right now and that if you are seeing that rain we do have it in Boston dealing with some wet roadways out there is some problems of visibility when it gets really heavy up there but should not last hopefully but I guess I'll find out when we have the weather things are moving pretty well for so far though no accidents no incidents to tell you about things are looking good on the expressway northbound still just a ten minute ride from Braintree into the city coming in from the north you're doing okay ninety three route three no complaints in and out of New Hampshire in downtown like I said some wet roadways but the lower deck the Tobin and the lever connector all will be well Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three thank you Lori five oh four we have some scattered showers lightning and major thunderstorms this morning becoming very hot and humid later today with a mix of sun shining clouds highs near ninety and seventy is down in the south coast and Cape more showers and thunderstorms likely later this afternoon and tonight low of sixty six partly sunny tomorrow with possible showers and more storms going up to about eighty two turning cooler and more comfortable starting tomorrow night partly sunny on Sunday hiking up to sixty eight and beautiful sunshine next Monday highs around seventy right now a pretty rough morning we see a lot of lightning thunderstorms a lot of rain as well downpours in fact coming down in Boston we have seventy degrees here we have sixty nine in Norwood sixty seven a month so when seventy one in Belmont and sixty nine down in Quincy it's five oh five in Andover fire rescue lieutenant has been.

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