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Spot gold trading 12 seventy eight seventy eight in the electronic session let's get global news now go to the bloomberg 960 newsroom to check in with ed baxter he's got the headline said all right thank you north korea's kim john it has been briefest military plans to launch missiles and water near guam the people's army saying it's preparing to create an embassy enveloping fire near guam kim has done a troop inspection south korean president moon giant has met with us joint chief of staff chairman general joseph dunford to discuss a possible attack from the north the south sea king reassurances of protection you as president trump ordering an examination of chinese trade policies this of course a major key of friction between the world's two biggest economies japan and us of kicked off weekslong joint military exercise northern viper runs through the 28 and two days after the attack in charlottesville president trump does come out to say the us cannot tolerate the racism of white supremacist including kkk and neonazis global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries in san francisco i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg angie ed thanks back in hong kong arte this is bloomberg daybreak asia at twenty past the hour all right let me just give you a quick update on market action right now we've got the nikkei 225 ahead one percent largely due to a pulled back in the end visavis the dollar dollaryen won ten point zero three so the yen against the dollar weaker by about four tenths of one percent in sydney the a sx 200 all the ring opens the cup coming from that uh that you know a even a lack of others you and i missed out vinci that's why the local market knowledge is extremely important iin thing saying that you've been looking into fast f o r food and beverages industry in china for a long time says there something else you're looking at a you'll want to capitalize on and with your local knowledge well w we obviously must in many unicef is by making the food and beverage i thank you know macbook mcdonald's already of central are scale has such a voice system the other thing that pipeline not this at this one in food and beverage business because we really want to focus growing the mcdonald's business because we do have a great opportunity digital media is growing tremendously in china everything's online so a.

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