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You're going to have to make sure that the government is recording this information correctly you're going to have to continue to do so anything that you will mail they gets lost anything that you right in anything at work i mean look this happens all the time we have a small operation here and there is always at least one screw up but here is matt bevins' trying to justify this and we're going to pick apart some of the lies as we go hours ago kentucky becoming the first state to get approval to require medicaid recipients to work the state's republican governor matt bevin joins me right now by phone and governor bevin again some criticism for this why do you think it's the right thing to do it interesting criticism always comes from liberal they have no solution they you're writing failed policies positive for one second the solution is medicaid at the very least you are sitting in a state that has one of the most popular obama care programs in the country polka both they have no solutions they are riding failed policies but anybody who would propose an alternative is quick to receive their scorn i believe it's the right thing to do because i grew up in poverty i grew up with no access to healthcare coverage for the first 20something years of my life i was an active duty army officer before i ever had access and i understand that as administer in other words um.

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