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Choice of on who is normally normally i feel like wandering through a field of flowers job listening to material girl by madonna and cam patras with his little scarlett johansson face yes is he is not happy this way <hes> recently he took to twitter to criticize gay express us a new zealand l._g._b._t._q. Magazine over there quote disappointing and inappropriate coverage of him it all started when the interviewer for the magazine asked him what he thought were wildly invasive inappropriate questions about his sex and queer culture and i sort of agree i. I think it was crazy interview. I mean some of the questions are just straight up things you ask somebody into grinder. Yes it seemed light. The interviewer was trying to create a sort of familiarity. Yeah i don't even have with most people now now. <hes> before we get into the actual thing that upset them the most it starts out by asking him about does he have a crush on starred mendez and when they met did things get steamy between that wow so the question the question is could you please out. Shawn mendes was gas slighty slighty. It felt like interview in playboy in nineteen ninety-three right yeah cosmo cosmo. The line of questioning at this interviewer did was very that's where my mind went. Magazine uses the word steamy yeah yeah outside of a grades anatomy scriptwriter in two thousand five. Let me say jackie collins but what really made him upset was with the interviewer asked him if he was a fan the end of will and grace because he's a faggot <hes> and whether or not he was a top or a bottom and troy said i thought about asking the interview you're about his absolute favorite sex after that last question but then i remembered how wildly invasive strange and inappropriate that would be didn't stop him though well. I think he should have asked him. Honestly i feel like there's a there's a way to this media thing and you know he answered all of the questions then to only go go back on twitter there and do this rant and i feel like sometimes it could be as simple as i'm not answering that <hes> you know why play the game why feed into it and i i imagine it's hard for celebrities to know they can turn down questions. 'cause it is awkward when you're doing q._n._a. There is a semblance of a real conversation occurring and you wanted to feel like you're talking to a friend because that's how you probably the best interview but at the same time it's not a friend that conversation you know it is business and you should be able to just turned down a question over the phone right person so so it seems like it would be easier when you're not you know in person making eye contact to just be like i'm not answering that especially when the person you're dealing with basically sounds like a mcdonald's drive through they just sitting in your living room or something just. Where did you ask me. I love the interview just describes it as i'm gonna pass on that one and it's the last question but also i feel like the interviewer probably would have loved if troy asked him that question too yeah. It seemed like he was fishing for date. Good lordy right. Maybe which lends itself to this whole thing surrounding the shawn mendez question two right. I feel like so much of the way that we cover gay. Male celebrities. Now is just this idea that maybe you could date them. They're available yet. It's i mean it's the way that you see people insisting that shawn mendez is gay or constantly like wondering what he's doing and like all the time it's sort of the idea that if he were he would somehow be accessible to you and you are still some gates weeding on your shift at starbucks glendale right no kidding. I also just want to say that. One thing. I liked liked about troy. Savant response was he didn't dismiss the outlet wholesale and say oh you're just trash period and he said he didn't like this line of questioning which is so much different than that time. Olivia munn responded to go fug yourself and basically tried to repaint them as you know <hes> patty scandalous you know superficial..

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