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Going to be old. Sharp you don't WanNa come to me. I'll send you two guys that trade. Thank you. Dude. deadlight light. So glad you get interview and when you can you explain why I was like that is it. That's what makes a good podcast interview. It's somebody who'd want to sit next to it like a dinner party and for me someone who is educating me at the same time they are entertaining me and I love I. Loved it. Loved it. Thank you for bringing that back into everybody's feed to this week. I'm so glad you dug it. Yeah. Okay. So you WANNA. Raise the wand. Yes. Do I get to start sure go ahead. Okay. So I'm actually going to raise a wand to a brand I have fallen in love with all over again. So I actually discovered the brand through a former podcast guests. Okay. It's all like keeping all on the FM. Today. So core organics that is former podcast guests, Miranda, Kerr's brand. Now before you start thinking, okay, she's a supermodel who has her own brand great core organics is the shit right and. I'd not a huge cursor. It is amazing. I got really back into Cora when I gave my friend Lucy a couple of core products that I have extra ones lying around and then she. wrote me from like she was on a trip and she was like this is amazing and she's like not a huge beauty person like she's not gonna like she's not someone who asks for product or like law this product and she she loves something she loves something like pay for it. She is going crazy for chorus. So I was like, what have I have cora got some stuff that can start using again. You're like, why didn't give it away yeah? Yeah. Yeah. The. Second. Cora. So I was like you know what? I have core products too. So I have quite a few. Lucy. Give it back. I know I know she's crazy about this space oil. There's a lot of course thinks she's Well, I, I'm a few things, but one of them that I like it was like right next to my bed I started using get that now is. Easy is the core enriched body lotion. It is so good. It smells so spa like I rub it all over my body like single night and I wasn't using body lotion all the time because I'm lazy cow it is fantastic. It's got a hogue oil of course it's organic because that's Miranda she's very fancy like that. She's like healthy organic yacht back Adamia oils cocoa butter. Nobody extract her whole remember the Nonni. The nonni of the new we should remember eight her interview. Accent was delightful. Kept saying no need. Really, an accent. Asmar she was incredible. I mean her face is of mesmerizing to anybody show on. She's like she's she's absolutely beautiful person. It's just wonderful. You massage it in and I. Even my husband said like to be like to like like you know tm but he said like my skin felt really soft and really nice and I was like I have to keep using this I'd my husband said my skit fell off. Like I, feel like if it made me feel good. So Anyway I. Love It, and I love it. It's an pumps. You could just like like a lazy lazy animal I push and Rub it on my body when I'm in bed like it's not. An animal metaphors or cow. What else have we got? When you're get dry. It's not like a butter. We need to unscrew the top and then you have to like put your little pollen. You completely know what you're talking about I think yeah great? A brand that like it is similar sort of way it was one of these brands that get so much hype that I got one of the products and I was like I know I have to try this but you know you don't go through cleansers that often I was using another cleanser that was making me breakout quit that and I reached for Jordan Samuel. Skin I know forever, right? Don't all the models love him. One of those backstage brands a couple maybe two years ago not even and then like a beauty editors were whispering about it and. In the know people. That it's the same with happened with Vintner's daughter I was like against against it against it. Fine. I'll try it, and of course, it was amazing because there's a reason these word of mouth products like they're usually really pricey and they start out with a very cliquey type of person who likes it and for. The Galateri and in me wants to not like it for that reason. But here I am. In Jordan Samuel and his lovely the after show treatment cleanser. Oh my gosh. I just realized it DA models after show like he does do all the models. So this cleanser is like if it's so it's just such a nice experience because it's a gel that more into like a creamy oil I feel like I'm getting a little. Erica my we say we're eating. A fund snack that requires work like for example, I'm trying to think of a good example I don't know eating shrimp like would be one but that's bad. One free let lettuce roles. All of a snack Tivi and I love a snack. The food is an action. Well, this is like a beauty tips. Like. Oh, cleansing face it just wash my face I'm like having a little spot treatment because of like the formula that changes consistencies and has a lovely smell gets off all the makeup and it's sort of like, oh, I haven't been double cleansing with this because it's sort of to me the bomb and the foam cleanser sort of in one doesn't really foam up late. And fine. All you people told me about Jordan Samuel. You're rights. It's great. So I'll put a link on the blog. My favorite thing was when you said that you were against a beauty product..

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