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Is the ethos of the people who are making commits to the technology yeah i mean and diverse ecosystem it's i definitely hate to scribe power to the developers and this happens very often especially when debates get heated as you start seeing people looking for scapegoats or trying to find like centralisation of power so that they can blame somebody and for all of the blame that is being put out there against bitcoin developers and i don't even like saying bitcoin core developers because there's like seven or eight different implementations of bitcoin and i hold no allegiance to bitcoin core and implementation over any other implementation if they decided to start doing something with which i disagreed i would be the first one to jump up and say you know what i'm going to switch to using some other implementation because i don't agree with what they're doing it's really about the ecosystem as a whole because these developers can't just make changes they have to to propose changes get consensus within their own developer group and then put them out there for the rest of the network to decide whether or not to adopt so it's interesting to see what happens with these network splits where you have fifteen twenty percent of the users on a network disagree with a certain change or certain lack of change and then they split off and go create their own network when you say they're seven or eight versions of bitcoin are you talking about the bitcoin cash bitcoin gold flavors of bitcoin are you talking about things that are compliant with bitcoin itself right i'm talking about implementations that are compatible with the bitcoin protocol and so of course you know this just talking about this gets really difficult to discuss because like you said there's also dozens of different actual networks that call themselves bitcoins something as one of the interesting aspects kind of going back to the governor.

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