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Democrats new cat leader I'm Bob who sat wheezy N. as John bell Edwards done Republicans again winning his second term Saturday is the deep south's only democratic governor president trump had been in Louisiana three times to lend support to Republican businessman Eddie Rispoli who conceded defeat so the Arabian state oil giant Saudi Aramco is going to sell a one point five percent stake in his company on Riyadh stock exchange as according to just released documents the house released a transcript of a foreign policy aide to the vice president Jennifer Williams testimony in the impeachment inquiry correspondent Lauren fox said Williams listened in on president trump's July twenty fifth phone call with Ukraine's president at the heart of the investigation and characterize that inappropriate her concerns were more about the fact that this seems like a more political phone call then a diplomatic one she said quote I believe those references to be more political in nature and so that struck me as unusual there's a new frontrunner in Iowa according to the latest CNN des Moines register Mediacom poll of likely caucus goers be better judges in the lead with twenty five percent support followed by Elizabeth Warren at sixteen percent and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders each at fifteen percent more from correspondent Jeff Zeleny electability is the most important thing the voters are saying that they want and people to judges falling directly into what voters say they want not to a progressive not too moderate he leads the way in terms of what voters are looking for sixty three percent say his political views are about right Hey says there is a long way to go before the election I'm Bob sack.

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