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On. We will have the Sousa Gill on our number two cool conversation with initiatives. Souza's daughter was an activist out there on the conservative right in her own, right? We have a great conversation bubble about AO wise ACC big draw. Same. You've been to this south by south west. Yeah. So is it supposed to be about politics or is supposed to be about music, which is supposed to be? It's really just supposed to be about music. It's a big huge music festival. Have you been up there? I have not. Where we sit. It's you know, where you are. It's probably what an hour. Less than that. For me. Including traffic because that's a whole other story. What you see me drive? So you know, it doesn't matter. You can't drive when you can't. Thing for me. I don't really worry. If you could hover above it then. Yes, you'd be great by trying to go through it. That's a whole other story, regardless of what speed you're going for those who don't know those who aren't in the Texas area. A bunch of stations in Texas. We have a lot of stations. Elsewhere. Austin basically has one main road that goes to it thirty five. I don't know why they would have built the capital city of this. Great state and only had one may main road. I guess there's some toll road to get you up there. Now, one thirty or some crap. But I haven't taken that one. It's eighty so I probably should take it from doing that. Anyway, you know, what I'm saying Sam? Eight five five why do you why do you know that? I don't want to know why. So I've not gone up there. But it's turned it. Of course, it's also a very far left wing progressive. I guess if you're running for something you go there you speak. It's this political thing. Well, a bunch of the candidates, and I don't know which ones exactly, but a bunch of them ended up showing up Elizabeth Warren and the like and drew a certain amount of crowd. But the biggest crowd by far was Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. Now. I know I'm not getting it. Because I keep on asking the question. What's the deal with this? Now, let's let's break this down. What is her history? What do we know about her? She was bartender know that another all bartenders. Good people doing good work. She has a an economics degree from Boston University or something which must be fake because anything she said about the economy is completely. It's almost the opposite of exact opposite of a which real when it comes to the economy. And now she decided when she was at south by southwest in Austin that she would attack. Ronald reagan. Now, maybe not following closely as I should be. And I know it's only what I do for a living. But when you decide that you want to go after the right, that's fine. You want to attack the president or policies or whatever policy to tackle him? Whatever you wanna say, George W Bush was is that okay? But what you decide that you had to go after Ronald Reagan. That really does show. How unintelligent you must be. Because there's no argument. Ronald Reagan saved us from the Malays of Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan saved us from double digit inflation double digit, unemployment and double digit interest rates for homes. Features rate. You bought a home in the seventy s it you're you're paying eighteen percent. I think my percentages high at like four, so if you're gonna attack Reagan who brought in millions and millions of jobs who brought back nationalism who was instrumental in breaking up the Soviet Union. Tearing down the iron curtain and carrying down the Berlin Wall. When you decide that you're gonna you're going to choose a president to attack. A you decide that's the one. That tells me that in less than two years time, you probably probably be back to tending bar. I don't understand the draw. Why would people and generally speaking same the your age, why would people flock to go? See this person who is saying anything intelligent would is the draw because she's about their age. What would she was? She nine. I don't get it. Any ideas? Why she why anybody would want their dying to go see speak. Why she's a disruptor? Yeah. But she's not saying any matter she can attack. Reagan. How stupid is that? I mean, it she she's still getting her name out there. And that's cool. Just like people who tweet at celebrities and get a response or they say something and the creator funny memes, and they get they become viral whatever thing like that. I'm assuming that that's where that's coming from people like seeing somebody who can do that. Does she's got millions and millions and millions of followers on Twitter, and she doesn't say anything intelligent do most celebrities. Give it celebrities the different fingers in it, or or or do you think they're one of the same in this day and age? The same. And then also the fact that she's you know. Not to not the man, but she's definitely, you know, in in government. Not the man the man in the landlord sense, right? I gotta pay the man. I mean, I guess I hear that the people were not flocking to go to her bar where she was tending bar. It's not like, she's, you know, she's the brand new Albert Einstein or something the things that she says make no sense. And yet she's sitting there denigrating Ronald Reagan. And then she said something ridiculous like. The Republicans of the GOP have a are continuing their historic attack on Brown people and black people in women that we would have what an idiot. How could she not know that it's the Democrats that did segregation slavery lynchings Jim crow? How can they not know? The Democrats started the KKK. Maybe she does not only she knows everything to be honest with everything out of her mouth is being put there by somebody else. But having said that what you're saying all this stuff, and you're forgetting them and look at where we're at right now. Who some of the most popular famous people right now. I don't. Right. And the Kardashians. Right. And in most of the all about celebrity, right? And it's you know, about being viral, and and being trendy, and and, you know, saying something that people were going against put your names out there. But I get that. But but I'm just a simpleton that thinks history matters. I'm just a simpleton that things you should probably really know what Ronald Reagan did before attacking him. I mean and just just saying Republicans hate Brown. People are stupid. I mean. But maybe you're right. Maybe it's effective. And that's my problem. I guess the the overriding question I have right now is why is that accepted? Why do people listen to that and say, wow, that Reagan really did suck it? He was a racist. Wow. Those Republicans really are attacking the Brown people when none of that's true. And it's never been shown history. So I I guess that's what perplexes me because history is his story. It's available. It's available to learn about to read about understand. And yet we're ignoring that and listening to the bartender is you follow where I'm coming from. But I think you're assuming that they're being taught things correctly at school. That's the whole pie. You wanna see my property tax Bill? It should be paying enough to teach people correct history. I'm not asking much. I don't think you already know a lot of these universities. That's not the case. And now, it's trickling down. So even the high schools, so of course, they're automatically. They're going to hear those things. And it's like, oh, it's true. Of course. Well, we got to fix it. Got to fix it. Because it's just dumb. But but I actually think that she probably has pushed too far this time. How dare she attack? Reagan. That's just going to galvanize the right people on the right are going to say are you stupid? If you even a bunch of liberals, we Reagan had union members voting for him labor unions. So I mean, even the most liberal person can hearken back thirty years ago and said, well, I voted for him. Why are you tacking Reagan's kind kinda dumb? So hopefully, this is going to open her up to even people in the middle saying, all right? Maybe we should stop listening to this person. I hope I doubt it she probably going to get another two million followers today. That's how weird is one eight hundred five it's one eight eight eight nine four one pags trying to give you the weekend phone number for some reason. Eight eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. I need to understand what the draw is. And when the left goes after somebody like Reagan have they at that point overplayed their hand, or is that still going to work because people are dumb and don't know who Ronald Reagan was eight eight nine four one pag Joe. Pags dot com. Stay here..

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