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Out. On the fact that when he warned of the abuse of children he's warnings was simply brushed off and then he was threatened and then he got to the stage where he was kicked out of his job in order to keep him quiet and we also know that he's evidence into the exit child. Abuse inquiry was heavily censored So that a lot of the meat of his testimony never reached that individual inquiry. So i think we just say. Yep pajama cheney. Very unhappy man. And maybe he's fully justified to be so angry But we don't want this to do is to start to take ground away from other people who have got equally valid complaints against the police. So let's look at the second clip. Which is the fuller warm as this interview. Progress as you stated that the metropolitan police cover-up at all times crested addict wasn't the commissioner. When you were initially investigated and you spent a year longer actually waiting for them to realize there were no charges that we're going to be brought against you. Why do you want her specifically to stand down. Because i launched my case against the met the day she took office. It was called paul gambaccini. Leave the commissioner of the struggles. She was the commissioner metropolis. It took three and a half years for me to win my case as she and the met coast coned it as long as they could until what they call a court steps agreement where the only thing left was to go to trial in which sir richard and rica's author of the week as report into false allegations said that he would support me and so the met gave in at the very last minute. Three and a half years of non honesty from this woman. I never knew. Tokyo had a sister until cressida. Dick became commissioner. The other people that are involved in a signing this letter baroness lawrence. I mentioned the brother of daniel. Morgan alliston morgan. You mentioned they have their different reasons for not wanting her to continue in job at the speculation is that her contact will be extended for a couple of years but home. Office say to us. Is that the appointment of the commissioner of the metropolitan. Police service is a formal process which will be confirmed in the proper way. The mayor of london and the metropolitan police have declined comment. This is a marker in the sand from you and the other people that you definitely do not want her contract to be extended. Of course we don't she's a hack she's an organization. So that's That's the end of that little clip. And i think to be fed kind. Of course it's been regularly reported in in The white oppress the cressida. Dick is blocked. Installed these investigations. I what he's talking about there is perfectly correct She was also gold. Come on drif. Our member correctly for dominion insists. Yes she's in charge of that operation. Which was the death of Dementia yes yep and of course. She was never really brought to account for that. We should also remember the crecy to dick is a common purpose trained future leader. So she's coming through that particular charity to be Supposedly a global leader for the future But when it comes to transparency she doesn't appear to be like good at producing the information. So let's look at the point clip where it all begins to get a little bit out of hand now. I'm sorry to have to say negative things about people. This is not why i went into public life. I was only recused. Because i was on television. And somebody thought oh. I'll have a shot at him. The point is the metropolitan police hogan-howe and cressida dick have obfuscated the truth from the people of this country. If britain is going to be a first division country after brexit it must have a first division police service and at the moment it's a third rate. Stodgy why she blocked my case for three and a half years if you're so eager to give the police point of view. Sorry i'm not eager to give anybody's point of view my job as you know as a journalist is to reflect the opinions the statements of people who are not here to defend themselves when they're being criticized in the way that you have criticized. This happened with the bbc operation midland. When we had a tom sanders when we had when we had a coral beach given free reign of the six o'clock news. Why was harvey proctor being interviewed by james. Knock on the today programme with a bbc news man on the phone to the metropolitan police in the control cubicle. The ultimate violation of studio sanctuary. If he asked me okay. Well i've i've no idea if that's true or not shots at me. I have no idea. If that's true or not misdemeanor. I have no reason to have no reason to doubt but on rb proctor told me okay. I'm just saying. I've i've no idea if that's obviously because you know frank worth has taken likes lastly and a good thing too because she was on the wrong side but the cliff richard and not and she is also not here to defend ourself. So i'm going to pull us head to head. I will go head to head with franz worth in any public forum. And i will dissect her like frog without easter okay. I'll pass your invitation on. Thank you very much talking to is this morning. Thank you pull got machine. Well there you have it so number ten. You're getting pretty motivated. And i can understand a lot of it because the bbc victoria doll beshir's sitting there. Butter wouldn't melton her mouth basically saying well. My job is a journalist. Reflect the opinions of people who are not here. Bbc's gnawed entrusted in the truth. We've just got to play way down the middle the sides off but the bbc never did any of the true factual reporting over call beach. It never reported accurately over. The statements made boy The senior policemen might veal when he was investigating ted heath and we give a uk column example that when we talking about the abuse of youngsters at oxford valley college radio five Without interview and go single one of the youngsters that the experience that abuse simply said that he'd spoken to the local authorities. oxford Can't cancel an oxford city council and there was no abuse they didn't want to interview interview the youngsters and they even accused the uk them of controlling those youngsters off. We said To bbc radio five that they were very nervous and that would have to be a gentle process to get them engaged with the bbc reporters so Of to say that. Whilst i wasn't terribly impressed with full demba changes over delivery Think he's angry at the. Bbc was justified and date Right let's move onto the cop twenty six and well. Here's here's Here's alex sharma and well you'll be glad to know that. Although the cop twenty six people spoke for one year the government is all too aware climate. Change has not taken time off so it hasn't taken time off. It wasn't all put on furlough. Did end up at home. Schooling or anything like that So as a result of government is working tirelessly with their partners including the scottish government in the united nations to ensure an inclusive accessible and sift summit in glasgow with a comprehensive set of mitigation measures So we'll those people that includes an offer from the uk government to fund required quarantine hotel stays for registered delegates arriving for red list areas. I think those people would be put into san types of quarantine. Hotels is as the likes of you..

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