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Great now your switch to good main goals reference and could you choose to other friends to hang out with and no one else. That's the policy. New south wales have people under eighteen. Now eight and can choose to others to be in their bubble. They can go to each other's house but the health what is say. All three people must stay in that bubble so change your mind and leave and full another bobble surrounding me of school days when it was such a big deal which group you're in these restrictions are causing we'd situations where the government is basically may ios exclude. Some of our mates also awkward to call me. I want your main goal stories when if you felt excluded all have you been the exclude. Or maybe you've been in just like yes such high demand. I won't only stories. Maybe now maybe new school has won. Three hundred triple five. Three six is a how you feeling about like that. Three person rule for like dozen in kids. It's just giving me like flashbacks to like. Yeah you like. Oh i haven't left up. Why am i not invited. It's just a weird but it feels really. How would you pick your friends and lucky with saying what if you're the one who's everyone's asking you to bay there but i mean yeah i guess it's good in a way that this something to maybe have that social interaction because young people's cools really. Need that. but you have three peasant. Threes a tricky number two. Maybe four would be better that. Why is it like an odd number like five person picnics. Three-person these it's like asking for someone to be left up. I dunno a fifth wheel right role the every picnic. Now everyone's like inviting you Targets gets better so you can go and picnic looking outside right now. Oh my goodness mate. He's a real. Hey what is your criteria criteria. When you're choosing the people to be in your bubble like someone with a pool or big house will like what would you be looking for well if the weather improves. It's definitely a pool and a big. That'd be fantastic. Really not just advise is not enough. I want like a really really big. I want options. Yeah yeah yeah and probably. I've got such a pedantic list of demands which is why haven't been asked by many people to be part of their singles bubble. I think that's what's going on here dealing in brisbane. What's you'll like. Yeah friendship story. Yeah well. I haven't been in hospital in quite a while but i do Recall being on the fringe of to friendship groups rather than having one solid one. Allow you a swing vote. Yeah exactly always been a bit of a centrist but anyway Would have had zero friends in in this situation and i could only think of how horrible that would have been That sucks yeah. Because you like we can be friends man. I'll be afraid if you want to be crazy now. I'm in queensland no fence but are we on dealing cooling in that someone's texted. This reminds me of those taught friends least zone my space. Yeah you can only have like eight people that you choose which is definitely fruit. someone else. i'm in my twenties. I only have like two friends in total anyway. Yeah that's true that makes it much easier. It is interesting there. He's like obviously todd. 'cause like some of the country like dylan of not in too much. Look down in places like queensland but all the parts like sydney melvina bit in lots of lockdowns how you feeling starting to reenter social situations. Well let's wait in melbourne ride because we've been kind of yoyoing in and out of the know that previously when we've vein nodding lockdown going out to dinner with friends. You kind of stressing about like you. I have been anxious of changed my outfit six times. I don't know what to wear what to do. And and i've been really privileged because i've been able to work through the i think paypal assigned to me as well. They don't know how to have a normal conversation anymore. It's just like cova cova coleman so you know. The earthquake was a nice distraction it is. It's always like how how's vid vain and it's like yeah it's been fun. That's standard chat. I think people from person. They're like what are you doing this way. can you like. Oh i'm going to call them the chemists tarn. How do you think it'll change our friendships. And how we socialize with people going full at the fact that we have had to do things in really small bubbles and you. Bit exclusionary yeah. I wonder whether a particular victorians as we had like the longest lockdown in the world. Now when we come out of a wonder whether there'll be this kind of like surge an uptake in cramming as many social interactions in as and then and then that kind of like that will just That spot just fall and we'll be like not a conduit. i'm overwhelmed. This is too much. And i actually locate economist. Locked down a little bit. Like i miss being. I wanted to stay home and not having to make excuses for not attending events and not having to worry about things i think for mayor i. It's it's about having the option as well. I don't wanna go out. But i don't want other people to also not have to go out like i. Do you know what i mean like. It's like i just want the choice. Yeah i wanna stay at home in my pajamas and do nothing all day today. That's what i feel whereas other days you know other days. It's like yeah. I really wish i could go up. She had nice weather during earlier in the week I it's just such a shame that we're all kind of like cooped up at home and yeah it's it's Particularly when you say like kids out and they boxed and stuff it just reminds me of like growing up and just thinking how many missed opportunities other. You know that you need students and people at taif and stuff. And i'm just like well you meant to be out meeting people doing things and you're just not and it makes me really sad. I also just want to call out. That you'll worth in melvin and talking a lot about the bad weather but other parts of australia having nice weather you know just to rub it in. We know about it. That really didn't let i actually was too far. It's too much ground. Move this week on the ground like that is an actual thing yup. So he's texted. I left my old housemate's and moved. So i was able to be within my best night's five k. Bobble here in breezy. Wow that is commitment and really hot will be nice someone else. If i was at school for this bubble i would be devastated. It would crush my self esteem. I was excluded as it was anyway. This would have made it. Follow us and far more obvious.

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