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Today's program is all about name recognition and getting to know god better Dr Michael Ziglar says that's the purpose of the apostles creed you don't know the name people don't know what you're talking about that's the purpose of the apostles creed when people say I believe in god they could mean a lot of things in fact the word god has been stretch so much that it could mean almost anything so much that we may as well be saying I believe in could you describe that for me stay with us for doctors igloos message the Lutheran hour is brought to you by in layman's Lee hello I'm mark I sure thanks for joining us today your gifts and prayers help the Lutheran hour bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church thank you for your faithful support now here's our speaker Dr Michael Ziggler I learned a lot of names that year dozens of them twenty two years later I can only think of one cadet first class Chad P. Tuttle I am a graduate of the United States airforce academy in Colorado springs Colorado seven thousand two hundred fifty eight feet above sea level far far above that of west point Annapolis I learned that my do the year at the airforce academy that's what the freshman year is called it's the duly year it comes from the Greek word for slave and that's what the duly year feels like there are many rituals and symbols of this servile status let me tell you two of them first there is the hacked the the cover that you're issued as a duly it's a straight build form backed truckers cap.

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