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Nails. Now you go into a hardware store you want a Finishing nails they're in a little box and it costs a fortune and If you want screws there's a little. Plastic bag was five screws in it. And all this writing all over it and a big price tag. It used to be you to scoop up a bunch of stuff and and they didn't care if there one hundred and one or one hundred fifteen it was the weight of them are and then you just go and so. It's just a big changes. I mean. yeah hearing that. You've lived in los angeles since one thousand nine hundred seventy the things. You've the things you've seen. Yeah i like those paper bags. And i remember that for tom. Robbins had a whole monologue in that book. Even cowgirls get the blues about the paper bag and how in nature it could look like it could look like a tumbleweed or could blend in. It was such a and i always loved that because to the paper bag does have this kind of like a no paper is made from trees and that the time we had a lot more trees but it seems so much less invasive on on a are you know and especially now that we not recycled paper. But it's all of it. Feels like we're killing the world. What's going on with that. I mean have you seen in this area a lot of changes environmentally or do you feel like it got better the smog got an her for a while right and then got china worse. 'cause people get they want just one car they want a couple karst against so but the thing is I think hiding somewhere out. There are many many inventions. They're gonna come to light Inventions were maybe bought up by the oil companies or whatever and mushrooms they found it these. Some mushrooms eat plastic and so are something eats plastic and they got a big. You know Thrill by finding this for the environment and eight on. I always thought. I don't know where i got. This thought that fukushima. If you could there i felt there might be a mushroom that you could start growing. It would eat radio activity and that there'd be this giant like mount everest of yellow mushrooms on fukushima eating it changing it and then when they were finished eighty at all they would die away..

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