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In the eastern nangahar province one of those attacks was a brutal assault on a school what gunman beheaded three gods and then torched the building d deed npr news the whole the president of the board of commissioners and cook county illinois is apologizing after a video on facebook showed a man berating a woman for wearing a puerto rican flag shirt in a chicago park npr's james dubec reports the video which shows a police officer standing by prompted backlash from puerto rico's governor and a member of congress in a video shot by mia ari in chicago park last month a man police named as him if he try bus is seen repeatedly accosting her over her puerto rican flag shirt yes i am please get away from me she calls out to a nearby police officer who does not appear to intervene officer can you i renting this area and he's harassing me about the shirt that i'm wearing puerto rico's governor called for the officer to be fired illinois representative lewis gutierrez asked the justice department to investigate cook county board president toni preckwinkle apologize to iraq and said the district is investigating james dubec npr news the trump administration has published a preliminary list of more chinese products that could face tariffs these with target another two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods chinese officials say they're shocked and they're warning they're prepared to retaliate china wants the international community to oppose the trump tariffs the trump administration has recently imposed tariffs some thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports prompting china to retaliate with tariffs on an equal amount of us goods this is npr from news good morning i'm brian watt silicon valley's tech giants and startups have helped make the bay area one of the twenty largest economies in the world acuity is raquel maria dillon has more on a report from the bay area council economic institute the report says the economy of our nine county region is still on the upswing but the researchers say the trump administration's attempts to restrict immigration is a threat to the exchange of people and ideas across borders that's needed for innovation the economic institutes president michel weinberg to the extent that we make it more difficult for people to come here you know low income farmworkers up to very high income tax sounders it is a real threat to the barrier economy with prosperity and job growth comes a higher cost of living the report warns that long commutes and sky high rents here contribute to the state's high poverty rates and it urges planners and politicians to build housing an invest in transit infrastructure across the region i'm racquel maria dylan cake you news the san francisco district attorney says a grand jury has indicted seven people on fifty two felony counts for graffiti being one of the largest graffiti vandal groups of the past few years the george gascon says the individuals tagged in chinatown north beach and other spa what's around the city while ninety percent of the and graffiti is committed by ten percent of the tigers so we're being very focused in the way that we will through this folks we're trying to send this very clear that this kind of behavior when we can hold you accountable we will we we'll definitely put the time to walk through gascon says the seven indicted could face sixteen months to three years in jail i'm brian watt kqed news support.

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