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Guessing you guys are gonna say it's news grizzlies fired david fizz bail in name jb bickerstaff interim coach is this news this happened pretty quickly yeah it's shocking after sold in play in the fourth quarter he said you know i'm not valued if i'm not playing and they wouldn't do this to mike conley in this is news because i think that the front off his basically saying we're siding with our start were rolling with our stars no matter what and if he's up said even a little bit even if we don't know how great a coach david physio is going to basically got a hundred games yeah and that's it then we're going with these guys and ensure seems like they're going to go with these guys until the end of their contracts because it's a very topheavy team in seoul and calmly in chandler parsons who is on a max contract i don't think this firing makes us team any better i mean there's entitled topheavy that without my call me this year their own seven within their 75 because they need that second guy because guys like michael green and in bed mac l'amour and brain and right and go on and on and on haven't really really cut eight straight losses i that's that's what it is right now the that are in the funk and feestyle the coach he takes the full that that's often what happens what he did yesterday against brooklyn is not uncommon for what coaches desperately in need of a win do sometimes i just ride day guys it's not necessarily in the playbook and it's not even this does he took a big gamble in doing that it didn't pay off and now he's paying the price for it today but very unlucky i think i think he's a very good coach and i think he will get another opportunity you call them the fallguy lebron james and many other nba stars were tweeting here today lay there were shocked is.

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