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Great people either love or they hate to send the photo into popular mechanics. I think it looks pretty good, but here's my questions are couple of people told me, look, what's going to happen since that pipe is running up right up near the guest filler cap. They said, you're gonna drive out on the highway and you're gonna stop gas station, and you're gonna fill that up in that red hot pipe is gonna night seems and you're going to blow up now that won't happen. Okay. No, the engine will probably blow up I. Okay. Well, that's the second question. Some other guys said, since you've run that pipe way up and you know, one guy said it looks like you got jed clampett still in the back. Nonsense. He said you've changed the back pressure on man of that might throw your engine off and you might have engine problems and that actually worried me. And that's, that's the other question I had. Well, you have increased back pressure tremendously because you added twelve feet of exhaust systems thing and in west, it's unless it's big enough in diameter. I hope the pipe you add it is like two and a half inches in diameter or more? Well, I had to use some reducers and expanders. 'cause I just had to use the pipe that was available use any Alridge juice, cans, frozen cans. No use tomato paste. Did you? Did you make it smaller or bigger? I think I made it small too bad. Well, I can change all that. Of course. You can. Okay. So what you should have done was made it big. I mean, you had to go one way or the other. So bigger would have been the way to go because you wanna reduce the pressure because if you make it smaller, you making it harder for that exhaust gas to get out. And that's what back pressure is, what it will will reduce significantly the performance of the engine. Okay. And it will cause the engine to run hotter, and eventually you'll burn the valves or melt holes in the pistons, but then that may not happen before the row. The try was ranking article recently on plywood pistons. There is. New development space glues, something already have a tendency to overheat. I think this, you know that you're a dodge van. So the truth, I don't think I'd do much of anything to it miles on it to about one hundred and fifty. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about the worst thing that can happen is the engine gives out which it was which is bound to happen sooner or later anyway, even even if you didn't do any of this anyway, then it'll become like a warehouse for you, right? It'd become like a out storage warehouse. You put it in the yard, and you'll keep a few hundred sheets or sheet rock in it. Whenever you need four or five, you're going yank them out, oh, better yet you got kids know we'll get married and get some kids, and then you can park this thing in the backyard and make it into a clubhouse and they can use this little piping thing that you did. This Paris cope a. mirrors in my customers. Kids like to hit an hammer, drill holes in the side of it because I don't care about the body any. It's interesting. They haven't figured out that didn't want. They have to get it out. They sold a lot of doors. It's hard to find one in a junk yard right now for seventy seven because I looked all over the rusted out well, yeah, they're all restaurant. I mean, I would consider plywood. Yeah, that might work. All lexin may be Lexi. Hey, good luck Ted. Thanks. Thanks for calling. That is the kind of reminds me of the job we did on my back step. I mean. When you finish your stand back and you say, boy, we're good. Lucky. That's the job we're going to do on my on my driveway when we do the tampering a little project with tampering, all cold patch, I think we should go for hot asphalt. I've always wanted to work with the slow. You get it though. He had a hijacking of the city. When those guys leaning on the shovel. They wouldn't even notice? No. Did we have. What did we get here? All right. It's time to take a short break and give our listeners a chance to stretch their legs and readjust their. We'll be back in a minute.

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