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Sixty billion dollars worth of US goods the finance ministry in Beijing says penalty duties of five percent to twenty five percent will be applied on a host of American products, including things like batteries, spinach and coffee, the new tariffs take effect on June. First opening statements underway in a murder trial over what happened to prosecutor Joe dias is called a racially charged killing. Drew's pick last week. Did you hear the case against the Baber who's accused of shooting death driver who was involved in an accident in walnut hills? Where a boy was struck by a car will painting Crosswalks in Cincinnati to look like, they're three dimensional slowdown traffic, the ideas being tried another country's prevent pedestrian accidents. Cincinnati had a rash of is here especially in your school zones. In today. Council on public safety committee has voted to explore installing those three D crossings here. Taking away penalties for marijuana possession in the city ordinance to decriminalize pots been introduced today at city hall as well. Sponsored by council members. Jeff pastor it eliminates any jail time and the fine for possession of less than two hundred grams of marijuana similar measure was overwhelmingly approved by voters Norwood last November reds have today off before opening up a series tomorrow at home against the first place. You cargo cubs. So far this year the reds have not fared well at all games against central division opponents and only one three out of fourteen news service of French lick resorts and casino. Our next update's at eleven thirty. On newsradio. Wwl American military university is a respected educator to national security professionals. A distinction earned by never forgetting our students are priority. One. We keep tuition. Affordable attract field,.

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