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Probably would to hit yankees as tonight yankees will try to start another streak and they had one eighty eight in a row they're now twenty six and eleven again tied with the red sox topped the al sunny gray makes the start mets in philadelphia tonight mats area the starters they're phillies did beat the giants six to three so they keep playing good baseball they're twenty two and fifteen mile braves twenty two and fourteen beat the marlins nine to to the reds over the dodgers four one tonight matt harvey makes the start for cincinnati his first and a red uniform he did speak yesterday to the media has time in new york you memories there's a lot of bad memories a little bit of both he says he'll do this new york thing one time and one time only which was yesterday you know after today i'd like to not talk about my past experiences with the mets from now what the good times roll i'd like to move forward with with my new organization and and do everything i can to help them any interest in watching that late tonight if you're up you right friday night that late you know the schedule usually by eight thirty we all looked drunken dead exactly angels beat the twin seven four show a tiny homer there because remember kyle loesch baseball pitcher yeah so this is how he retired he was at a minor league ballpark with a picture of a beer overlooking the field and the players and he put the caption on instagram been a hell of a ride the highs the lows time to take it to the house knowing i gave it all every time i could see you retiring that way with a football the microphone audio exactly jets beat the predators five to one winnipeg wins the series last night for the jets great game take it and seven they'll play the golden knights in the western finals and leslie we did earlier this morning this chinese draft prospect we're trying to figure out how to pronounce his name do show lamu.

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