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Know. 8 four four 747 88 68, that's our toll free telephone number that's 8 four four 747 88 68. One of the other big stories we are looking at and we're going to get to is Biden, which is now simply out of control. And it is a mess out there. And we're going to give you the latest details. People are suffering, folks. That's all there is to it. It is just a brutal situation out there financially for much of the country. But I want to put a pin in that for just a moment because now we have New York City councilman Joe borelli on our patriot mobile newsmaker line, Joe always good to have you with us, but what a horrible situation unfolding in New York City right now. Yes, a terrible tragedy trying to put together exactly what happened as a matter of fact, press conference starting by the mayor's office and governor's office is just beginning to sort of address what actually occurred on the end line this morning in the sunset park neighborhood of Brooklyn. And I was telling her listeners, Joe, and I understand that subway line at services the NR and D train. And I used to take the D train in a further down the line or further up the line rather in downtown Brooklyn. But this is not a tourist destination where this happened. No, as a matter of fact, this is a very working class neighborhood. Where the shooting happened along the Ann and R line was at the 56th street station between the 56 three station and the 36th street station, which means that there are very few stations where this person could have gotten on. Now, the neighborhood there, as you pointed out, is working class means sunset park is pretty split down the middle between Asian Americans, a lot of recent immigrants and sort of an older, more entrenched Puerto Rican and Dominican neighborhood on the waterfront side. Going back down the line a bit more, you have the neighborhood of bay ridge, which is predominantly Irish and Italian and now a lot of people from Middle East and Syria. So it really is a microcosm of working class New York and at this time of day, it would have been and it was packed with people just trying to get from their homes to their jobs. Joe, we understand there's a manhunt underway. The guy was wearing an MTA uniform. Some sort of a gas mask. So it certainly whatever whatever this is, it was planned. We just don't know if this was an act of domestic terrorism or international terrorism. Yes. And I suspect the NYPD has a pretty good lock on where the person got into the train system and where they've exited. New York City is pretty well wired and well camera as we know. But all the videos we've seen on some of the national news stations have indicated that yes, this is definitely something that was pre planned, bringing a gas mask on a train certainly indicates that bringing some sort of a smoke device or a smoke bomb certainly backs that notion up. Again, I would have to imagine that with a police department as a robust as the NYPD. You have to remember, there are more people in uniform in the NYPD than there are people in the Royal Navy of Great Britain. So we have a very robust Intel division and surveillance division and they will be able to access so many of the cameras, so many of the places along the route where this person might be passed. And Joe, you're talking about millions of people every day, riding that subway, there is no way to screen everybody that goes through a turnstile. So I know this may sound odd, but I'm surprised we have not seen more attacks like this. But again, to your point, we have a lot of security down there. We've seen oftentimes, run of the mill attacks. We hate to say it like that where people have been pushed on fracs. People have been mugged or even shot and sort of gang conflicts or robberies gone bad. But yes, we've been spared to a large extent from this type of mass shooting attack, despite the fact that I'll give you a great statistic, 3.6 million people took the New York City transit just last Tuesday. So there is a tremendous amount of people larger than the populations of many states, which ride the New York City subway. The MTA actually transports more people per day in every single other transit system in the United States combined. So we are lucky and we should count our blessings and we also should credit the work of the NYPD and some of the federal partners that keep.

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