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Back. Jason and Alexis. We have a cougar theme. This morning We had the 1977 Cougar commercial with Farrah Fawcett. And now Cougar Dad joke right here. That was all. Rocco. Thanks for Thanks for Rocco, Get a haiku. You get a dad joke. What more do you want? Nothing. Nothing grown except Except I do want one thing. Please tell me When the fast and furious franchise will die. Please tell me Well, it's been more than 20 years. Oh, I know. Yeah, The story of fast and furious has been told while Vin Diesel He says that all good things must come to an end, and the fast and furious saga will end in 2024. At the same time, we'll stop talking about Bennifer. That's about the same baby and where a rod is, which dawn will get to in a second, But yeah, you don't get to talk about it ending in 2024 when it's 2021. No, I reject that. Well, he says that the franchise deserves it. And he wants to wrap it up in a nice way. But here's the ass trick to this whole story, guys. Want some of the characters might get spinoffs. Like we've already seen with Hobbs and Shaw. Okay, so we just remind to solve nine. Hobbs and Shaw. Oh, that's right, because F nine Yeah, that's a furious sign comes out. June 25th. So you can see that the theater if you like this. No, I don't. I would not like to going to start assigning you each 11 by one. Oh, wouldn't that be awful? No, it would be horrible. Um, I love it. No, I won't. I've seen one, okay. And that was fine. I only went and I'm just being honest. I'm not showing disrespect. I went because I had a huge crush on R I p Paul Walker. Um, that was the only reason I went great guy. Um, really nice guy, anyway, but the rest I mean, come on. How many times can we see a car heist? A car fly through a gulch over a bolt. They the yeti I read called. This is the old one of hazard. Yeah. Dukes of Hazzard. Oh, you need to send them that idea. I don't think they've done that. Yes, I wanted dawn to feel at home with their cow. Bingo and her. Yeah. Um oh. But I hate this, you guy. I hate this franchise, and I also hate the ride at Universal Studios. It's the worst new rock. It's horrible. Um I kind of enjoyed that. The waiting in line was really funks. You walk through there. Garage, and then it's all simulated. And you feel like no. Okay, no. No. Sorry. No, no, no, no. No, it's horrible. It's a horrible simulation, right? Um Is it still around if they already cancelled like no seriously lacks seriously. Colin and I are waiting for him to already demolish it because it's so not busy. It is a turd like it got horrible reviews, comments even on the busiest day at Universal. You can walk right on that trash box. I mean, it's just like Oh, please come on in. Yeah, have been there when it just opened because it was We waited a long time for that one. If I may quickly say this, and I'll go into more detail tomorrow. But since we just mentioned Universal Studios, I read a horrifying in a good, exciting way. A horrifying review of the new Jurassic Park roller coaster at Universal Orlando. It's called the Velocity Coaster. If any of you listening if you get a chance, Look at a YouTube video of like a P O V of it or read one of the reviews. They said. I've read two reviews. Uh and these people are These people have written every roller coaster, they said. It is terrifying and the most terrifying aspect of it the most terrifying aspect of it. There's no shoulder harness. It's only a lap bar. Mhm. And I'm like what? Upside down? Yes, Alexis. Yeah. Whoa! Oh, I'm just looking at a four K video. It is it is. You're in the water to Yeah, You're right above you Turn and your feet your upside down feet from a lagoon. Your head. Looks like it's going to go underwater. Hell no, you invert and you go upside down and you're like feet from Man made lake at Universal Studios, Alligators that come out and try to get your head as you go on that circle. That's what I was on a date. Peter Pan. It ain't being well. It is Florida. I mean, are you watching? Look at Alexa. You watching the watching? Yeah, they said it's this dude. And I read a lot of his reviews. He knows we have similar tastes. He can handle anything. He was the one that said, Oh, my gosh. I didn't realize until they strap me in. That there is no shoulder. You know those those secure those shoulder things that make you feel like everything's gonna be okay? Nope. It's just a freaking lap bar. So So what if it gets stuck in your upside down like sometimes roller coasters do And they have to rescue people. What do they have to go out into the lagoon? And they're dangling with no shoulder sort of other Saturdays? Whoever? Yes, Yes to everything you just said, man, I'm getting Upset just even thinking about it. I know that's why I mean, we're going, You know, like my in two weeks. I'm doing my little two week sabbatical, and we're spending a few days in Orlando. We will obviously go to it. So you know, my ass will be calling into the show that day. God, that's gonna write it. Yes. Oh, my God. Yeah, It's like it's like a crazy log chute. Oh, yeah. Lex, There are two To 70 Miles an hour, um, shoots, So you advance from 0 to 70 twice. And what is this coaster again? What's it called? It's called the Velocity Coaster at Universal Orlando. So my talkers today when your board and your YouTube vortex ng Look at a video of it. And then read some of the reviews. TERROR Fei yang, but.

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