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Reward hiring of this cycle, and why is the answer yes? It's an interesting question because obviously you have a coordinator who just come off leading, helping Georgia win a national title. I think why I would think risk reward, the thing that was curious to me about damn land and getting the job is just the last two guys that Oregon is hired, have no real connections to that area, both those both Willie Tiger and Mario crystal were Florida guys. Dan lining is definitely not from the West Coast. Now, we spent a little time there at ASU, but so you wonder if things go pretty well for him. You know, does he get lured away for another job? Because that's what's happened with the last two. I mean, that's if it goes well. So on that standpoint it was a little bit of a head scratcher for me that they would hire somebody who didn't have more of a connection to the West Coast or to the program. I was wondering if by risk he meant some of the hires he's made on his staff. Who have previous NCAA issues in their past? Does he mean by risk, risk of the program going on probation? I didn't think he meant that way, but look, at this point, I feel like the NCA is toothless. Yeah. I honestly I'd be surprised if that would be a fear or a consideration for a university to who gets hired on whose staff. The guys I'm referring to tachi was investigated by the NCA when he was at Washington, obviously he went on to Alabama and Adrian clem actually got slapped on the wrist by the NCA when he was at UCLA. But I think the reward that he would be referring to is that Dan landing was the coordinator of the most dominant defense college football has seen in a long, long time. Some of the stats around that defense are just absolutely insane. They gave up 13 touchdowns in 15 games, four of which came in one game. So 9 touchdowns in the other 14 games. And a lot of those were in garbage time. So obviously the hope here is that he's going to turn Oregon into a defensive juggernaut like that. Now the only problem I would say is, do we really know how much of that was Dan landing and how much of it was Kirby smart? Or how much was that they had a ridiculous amount of talent there? In the front salmon. Yes, they had a ridiculous amount of talent in the front 7, and again, rob Mullins hasn't really come out and said this, the idea at Oregon, but they got a taste of that with Mario christoval. They got a taste of instead of the chip Kelly Mark helfrich kind of overachieving, if you will, relative to recruiting rankings. Mario brought in top ten classes and 5 star guys that came on thibodeau of the world. And all due to given the way Georgia recruited when landing was there, you know, I think the hope is that he will continue that if not get even better in terms of bringing in high end talent. Let me ask you a question. Give me the two biggest names in this hiring cycle or Lincoln Riley going to USC Brian Kelly going to Notre-Dame. Give me a hire. I'm sorry. Sorry. Give me a hire, and then we can maybe take Billy Napier out of Florida on this. Give me a higher that maybe is not one of those three because I know we like the Billy Napier hire both. That you think, man, I think that's a higher that was a really good fit and probably people haven't talked enough about. And a higher while you're looking at this and the higher that you're very intrigued how it goes. Gosh, just looking at this list, you're like, just how many coaching changes there were this year? A lot. I think kalen Deborah could do well at Washington. That is the higher I would say. That wasn't the one I was going to say is the one that I think was a big home run. I actually say as I'm looking at this list, there are a lot. I am very curious about there are a lot of, for instance, Texas tech went out and got Joey Maguire. I think that was one of the first ones if not the first one. And he's not exactly a big name. But they clearly saw something there where they went out and got that done. Sonny dykes succeeding Gary Parrish on a TCU. By the way, did you see the pictures from the basketball Texas basketball game last night? Yes, I did. Gary Patterson on a level of one to ten, how much would you say Gary Patterson hated Texas when he was a TCU? 98. I saw so we saw Gary Patterson in San Antonio at the convention, talk to him for a while. The first night I was there. And. This is going to be an interesting fit with him as a special assistant to the head coach. So for people who aren't aware of what we're talking about, Gary Patterson has joined the support staff, if you will, at Texas, he will use these. I'm sorry, yeah. Is that the text? He's at the Texas basketball game on Tuesday night and there are pictures of him talking to crystal. His old boss, who used to be his boss at TCU now is boss again at Texas and he's wearing the LongHorn swag. And it's so crazy to see that. I know sometimes, again, he couldn't have hated them more. He took such glee and beating them, and now he is working with sark at Texas. It should be, it's going to be interesting. But yeah, you look a lot of these names. Give me one hire that you are early in the off season. We're not really early in his tenure at Yukon. Give me one, give me one higher that I really like and it can't be you said it can't be Lincoln Riley Brian Kelly or a billionaire? Yes, correct. I'm sorry. Those were the ground rules. I do really like crystal ball. I feel like after all the Miami has cycled through coach after coach after coach looking for the right fit. And nobody is more Miami than Mario Cristobal, South Florida, the Mario Cristobal, and while he didn't ultimately take that next step up the wrong and make the playoff, they did have a lot of success the last few years at Oregon. So is he the guy that can finally get if he can't get them back to being the you? I don't know who can. Yeah, I would agree with that. I would say it is Joe moorhead at Akron. It's not far from where he's from in Pittsburgh. I think he did extremely well at fordham. Did okay, but not good enough at the Mississippi. It was just a bad fit, but I think he will do exceptionally well there. So that would be mine. I think you will too, but are you telling me you're gonna are you gonna be a close, you'd be watching a lot of acker games this coming season? I will, 'cause they're on the weekend they're on the weekdays and they're at odds too. I watch probably more Mac than I watched. Look, I watched a bunch of mountain west because it would be on Friday nights on CBS Sports Network. I did watch a they also had a lot of late night Saturday night games, opposite the PAC 12 after a day. Thanks to your network. Walter from LA, high student Bruce loved the pod. Thank you. Looking back on the past season, who is the best team with the worst record? There's one really obvious answer to this and I'm wondering if you're going to if you're going to.

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