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Morning and we rushed him to faisalabad hospital which to me was the worst place on earth windows and doors are open dogs and cats are walking up and down the the hall their god swarms of mosquitoes muscles open wound and guy and here you have you know half a dozen american drafters pakistani in the middle of the night bringing in an era whose bleeding to death and i told the doctor you've got a touch this guy up so they took him immediately into surgery but we're got around the alqeeda community that we got him and so they started driving by the hospital and just opening fire on the hot geez i because security was probably nil right now now nothing and so i said to the pakistani major that i was with listen if they realize we're unarmed we're dead can you get a helicopter in here and he said yes so he native call twenty minutes later helicopter lands in the parking lot i walk into the operating room opposite beta's you know guts are white open and i told the doctor doc wrap it up we asked moscow so the poor guy closed we put them on the helicopter and we flew in to a pakistani military base about fifty miles away and then they just picked up where the original surgeon left off him when he revives he want you to kill him dozen yeah the first thing he asked me um you should please brother kill me take the pillow oh in kill me and i said uh i said nobody's going to kill you we've been looking for you for a very long time i said i don't know what's going to happen to you but i can tell you that you're gonna get the best medical care that the american government can provide and um and sure enough headquarters sent out the um the head of uh of trauma surgery from john hopkins university medical center on a private cia chat and he arrived uh how about a day and.

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