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All right welcome to things to do in San Diego I'm your host Sherri Manelli and today with Dina Sharpe she's a friend of mine who lives in oceanside and she's also a realtor so if you need a realtor in oceanside come look her up on my show notes welcome Dina day ever in oceanside so let's start by talking about the vibe of oceanside to let people know whether or not this is a place that they'd really WanNa come visit her ah excellent so we my family has been coming to oceanside for years and years and years and then my husband and I just reload here from Arizona I know a lot Onis come out here every year and oceanside has changed drastically it is now even more family friendly there are tons more places to eat and hang out and it really it's not like they've done a massive cleanup even though they may well have done we never saw that 'cause we stayed beachfront but it's just really a neat place families that is maybe a little bit quieter than calls bad even though I should retract that because that's going to change really in 'cause they just changing up how oceanside is viewed amongst Californian southern Californians they're just making a lot more user friendly easier to walk and like I said all these restaurants that are coming in just make a really pleasurable destination so more on the VIBE it's different than you would find like La Hoya and Omar I think so I mean I love those places of course they're gorgeous and just really neat little towns oceanside is bigger more beach and I think a little bit more family friendly I don't know you see just as many families in the summer so right that's not a good indication but it is it's a lot more relaxed its much shorts and tee shirt year round you know you can go anywhere in jeans not that I think you can't in La Hoya oil more or somewhere like that but it's a lot more relaxed up here I think you'd have a little bit more working class here because you've got the marines that are just to the north that's right now we bought Camp Pendleton so huge military nation a lot of marines live off base they live in oceanside as well that's right and I do want to say it used to be rough in oceanside like ten fifteen years ago it's changed got so it's really becoming nice it's probably one of the last places it can really buy yes close to the beach talking to the real estate yeah may the Realtor Paul absolutely the it is quote unquote still affordable I understand southern California prices at different from the rest of the country but as far as so callous it really is one of the last places for sure okay let's talk about the safety the transportation and hotels here okay so transportation there is a huge each train station down there in oceanside which you can get up to L. A. Area on the metrolink but you can also take the coast of south we've done this a lot because you can park right there by the station for free and get on this train which takes the best of an hour but it's gorgeous you go all the way down the coastline and it's super easy often then you can walk right you can do little Italy downtown this stops all the way along Solano all that kind of stuff but really really user friendly easy reasons bull you can get a bucket load of people on there that way you don't have to worry about parking in downtown so that's that there are buses not the person to ours uh I'm afraid I see them all the time but I'm not sure I mean I'm sure they're all over I've just not used them the parking isn't too bad in oceanside does she if you get up from the beach just a little bit like around the Civic Center there is a Cop Hawk at the library and civic center so that's the main mode but that's typically southern cal near as well everyone's driving as far as staying there awesome hotels around but speaking from personal experience we would always rent somewhere so I do airbnb or just do listen to post and rental of either a flat like an apartment or a house and there are tons of Thurs absolutely it's a he huge part of the industry here is tourism and it's good they're good and you can see all the pictures and you can have somebody go and facetime and walk around so you know exactly what you'll get thing so let's talk about the beaches Yuccas that's where oceanside zone for two yes it is should have looked this up because it's a major perma piece but stretch of beach at oceanside I believe is the largest in the whole of San Diego County so it's a really big stretch of beach and we have the peer which my husband loves the Pierre he should talk about the pair there's this lovely Pelican House ben gets fed by one of the merchants and at the very end is Ruby's Dina which is absolutely iconic for your diner experience you can sit there and look out in the ocean it really is fun the beach has around the Perez well a bunch of little restaurants and you can rent by and trikes and all those kind of things the beach is also quite deep you know so on probably the busy this weekend which is July the fourth packed but you don't feel like a sardine because it's really large all the way from the harbor all the way down now that's the I would take the train or get an Uber or lift APP certifying -solutely that is the busiest we can we've ever seen it we had friends and family and on and don't get me wrong we will fine we had fun but there was traffic jams how that's a nice way to put it and we will find it just longtime it probably took double the amount of time to get down there than it would ordinarily agree absolutely there is a farmer's market and a son asset market to an A. described though every Thursday around civic center which is also right by the library there is a farmer's market in the morning and it's at market at night and I believe that is year round now I'm not sure what happens if those days of Christmas thanksgiving Thanksgiving's obviously on Thursday but if Chris lands on that day but these are really fun tons of food trucks tons of local produce close all kinds of things it's very casual the produce I think is amazing because it's local I was like to buy that way anyway so that's always really nice again you can park at the library Arri to get that that's poking around as well so it's not so such a big deal but you know in the summer it's a little bit more popular because tourists come out as well and go and help themselves as well if they have a place where they can cook but they can buy fresh bread that's another one French bread and herbs and jams and it's just really it's just a really neat market it's out in the open it's very safe very safe and then the the sunset one again the food trucks sunset I went and did some research on the market I I asked that Info desk there's just curious because there were so many food vendors I just couldn't even count them all while turns out there's eighty Oh and there's another hundred and twenty eight hundred two hundred twenty either come of the other vendors as well so it is a huge every desert you could ever want to it's fabulous and eight for picky kids and everybody wants to go a different role I love that yeah they will want something different so they can all have it there is ridiculous and it's good food two yeah yeah and it's fun isn't it it's a fun vibe it's a really great thing to do on a Thursday night absolutely how about breakfast let's talk about breakfast so breakfast it's places they're all a feud on chill plenty more but we haven't we've only lived here a few months so not that many but up here further up on mission and El Camino is a place old oceanside bakery which is very their desert case is huge full of fresh pastries and cakes and bread things in a class I mean I'm kidding you not when you look on their site it's the truth and you go see it and the the workmanship in each of these things is phenomenal as well I do not work for them we just go that quite often it's closed and it's really good breakfast excellent that I couldn't recommend enough and also the coffee drinks because I know a lot of you want to just go and have a coffee and maybe a pastry there is the petit medalla madeline that is on the highway that's I think it's on you or civic center and highway that's really good and lovely as well not GonNa talk too much about the food because I just did that they will do an excellent job of that not too hard to get in you know I mean I think especially if you don't go to the major busiest times you know like between eight and ten on a holiday during the holidays ben that's totally fine the beach break cafe is that's not only breakfast that feeds into lunch as well but that tax point hooper popular really popular because it's bigger you know you can get bigger parties in there so that's also on the highway on the coast highway wall that goes into coffee to coffee in Italy where would you recommend absolutely any of those black rock is also that's a chain but excellent I'm really picky with T. so veiled to a really good job I'm Swami's is another one that do breakfast brunch and lunch there's usually a q. out a dual in the summer but it goes really quickly don't be dismayed if you see that it you'll get in it's fine you order at the front and go find somewhere to sit and it's a he huge restaurant as well there's a couple of I think on the highway with the one in oceanside is really quite large and they've got the seating on the street so you can sit and people watch which is always really mm-hmm as well I think you'd mentioned some other coffee places to me before too oh yeah the the Banana Dang Banana Tang I'm a bread so I say that yeah that's a fun place that smoothies and coffees and teas that's really good very popular because it has the banana sign and then also clearview coffee again I think you just go to really good choice out here anymore I really do I think the days of kind of a Rubbish Cup of coffee is gone because the competition is so extreme Mary so you pretty sorted on that you can do just fine any other places for food okay food is one of the up and coming places things in oceanside the one of the most popular and we've been tons of times is L. T. H. which stands for local tap house which I know will feed into the raise that we're talking about afterwards but they do full menu they do brunches the weekend they do their bottomless mimosas their food is exceptional it is just always good they change up the menu they try and do farm-to-table they really care about it it's a fun fun restaurant they have the screens but you don't have the the the sports screaming at you necessarily can still watch the games I don't know I watch football American football regular football as well but it's just kind of Nice and our in baseball time that's up there so you can watch it without hearing and still have a conversation with your party really fun place I think but if you have out of town guests who want you know California fair whatever that means but you know that doesn't just mean sprouts and Avocado on a burger that means a mirror bland and that's like tack Os and that kind of the South Sobar very casual very fun now that they do turn up the noise on the game so if you actually want to hear what's going on so Monday night is busy during football time and they encourage that they do tackle specials and beer specials and stuff but that's a really really fun place and really reasonable and very kid friendly they've got tables outside as well so you can get away from the noise echoes some of those restaurant wants but those of two favorites birthdays and stuff like that for us we do the pig the flying pig they have a couple of places but the one on the on the coast highway is a little bit more like they did just do some revamping of the restaurant but that is exceptional little bit nicer dining maybe date night out of town guests that you may WanNa impress a little bit then menu is extensive extraordinary it's just really really good not huge but definitely go there bar is really good they do the classic tales but they'll they'll have specials going on their wine list is really good and.

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